Step 1 Content

a) Income from Salary Head
b) Income from Business & Profession
c) Income from House Property
d) Income from Capital Gains Short Term
e) Income from Capital Gains Long Term
f) Income from Other Sources
Total Income

Step 2 Content

i) 80 C (Max 1 Lac)
(includes: PF, PPF, LIC, National Pension Plan, ELSS, NSCs, FD for a tenure of 5 years, Housing Loan, tuition fees for children, Post office investment. )
i) 80 CCF (Max 20000)
(includes: Invested in infrastructure bonds)
iii) 80 D (Max 40000)
(includes: Premium of Health Insurance paid for self, spouse, children & dependant parents)
iv) 80 DD (Max 50000)
(includes: Normal disabilities)
v) 80 U (Max 50000)
(includes: Normal disabilities)
vi) 80 G
(includes: Deduction in respect of Various Donations)
vii) Others
Total Deduction

Step 3 Content

Sr. Citizen >65 Years

Step 4 Content

Taxable Income
Basic Exemption
Your Tax
Education Cess @ 3%
Total Payable Tax