Indian Exports to France

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The Indian Exports to France is facilitated through the common forum of India and France chamber of commerce and industry. The Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce or FICCI and UBIFRANCE - the agency for international business development, under the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, France are the prime facilitators of trade and business amongst each other. FICCI and UBIFRANCE are two individual representative for India and France respectively. FICCI and UBIFRANCE are the respective individual representative of their countries, representing trade and business community of each other. Further, Indian Exports to France aims at facilitating better India and European Union trading relation.

India and France Trading Relations is focused on, for the improvement of trade and business relations on the following lines -
  • India and France Trading Policies.
  • India and France Trading Procedures.
  • India and France Trade Contracts.
  • India and France Trade Administrative and Regulatory procedures.
  • India and France Trade and Investment opportunities.
  • India and France Business networking.
Indian Exports to France grew by 20% in 2003-04, then increased to US $ 1289.80 million ($ 1.2 billion) as against $ 1074.09 million ($ 1 billion) in 2002-03. India's exports to France stood at $ 1289.80 million in 2003-04, but India's share in France's global imports is only 0.45%.

Indian Exports to France - major commodities are -
  • Information technology based services,
  • Agricultural products,
  • Fisheries products,
  • Ready-made garments,
  • Cotton,
  • Cotton accessories,
  • Cotton yarn,
  • Cotton fabric,
  • Petroleum products,
  • Man-made fibers for ready made garments,
  • Transport equipments.
Indian Exports to France like fabric and yarn for textiles has registered tremendous growth. The annual growth have risen from $18 million in 1962-1971 to $63 million in 1982-1991. Exports of clothing to France have grown from annual average below $3 million in 1962-1971 to $108 million in 1982-1991.Further, Indian Exports to France also includes commodities like -
  • Leather goods,
  • Crude matter,
  • Polished diamonds,
  • Animal feed,
  • Petroleum products,
  • Indian whiskey.
The latest hot commodity from India which has got ready and tremendous wide-spread acceptance in France is Indian Agricultural products and Indian fisheries products. The Indian Food-processing sector produces around 50 million tons of fruits and 90 million tons of vegetables. But inadequate food processing infrastructure in India could only process 6% of the perishable products available in India. Thus, the Indian Government has proposed to export a substantial portion of Indian Agricultural products and Indian fisheries products to France, in absence of proper food processing infrastructure in India. The great demand for Indian vegetables, fruits and flowers has got ready acceptance from the trade and business community of France. Although,the Indian Agribusiness and Food Processing Sector aims to increase the percentage of processed food available in India and to meet export demand by 20% over the next ten years, but still it is inadequate. A huge future demand for processed food is an absolute realty with changing socio-economic situations across the world especially in the developed countries like France. The Processed food sector in France offers tremendous scope for India.

Furthermore, the growing Indian Exports to France has facilitated wide-spread acclamation and acceptance throughout the European union. France's economic prowess and business leadership was exploited for entering into European market through different trade agreements France had entered into with its European business partners, benefiting both India and France.