Top 10 Shoe Brands in India

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Thinking about the domestic utilization of shoes far outperforms exports, here are some basic facts. India Retail indicates that the shoe market is separated into three parts: men, ladies, and youngsters. Men's shoes represent an instructing 60% market share, while ladies' shoes represent just about 30%.
"The women's sector is developing at a much quicker Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 20%," the report proceeds. In India, there are three kinds of shoes: formal, casual, and sports. Here we take a look at the absolute best shoe brands in India.

India is the world's second-biggest maker of shoes. The Indian shoe industry is right now esteemed at more than Rs.250 billion. Nonetheless, if non-organized shoemakers, such as roadside shoemakers, are included, this figure could be higher.

Different reports indicate that India exports around 120 million pairs of shoes each year, or roughly 5% of its complete production. The nation presently tries to be one of the world's main five shoe exporters.

The increasing use and variety of shoes are causing an increase in demand, indicating that the shoes industry's growth prospects are improving. The Indian shoe market is expected to grow with a total market value of around Rs.70,000 crores by 2022, growing at a 12 per cent CAGR.

Branded shoes at the current record for roughly 45% of the market, while unbranded shoe rules with a portion of the overall industry of 55%. Coming up next is a rundown of the top Indian shoe brands in India.

Top Shoe Brands in India

Bata India Ltd

Bata India Limited, founded in 1931, is the country's biggest shoe retailer and maker. The Company's cutting-edge facilities are deliberately situated all over the nation and produce a variety of shoes.

Bata is the world's biggest shoe producer by volume, making comfy and classy shoes at shockingly low costs. With more than 1,400 stores across urban cities.


It is one of the best organizations for delivering top-notch athletic shoes. Adidas produces a wide assortment of notorious shoes, including Stan Smiths, Raf Simmons, Superstar, INKI, and others. Moreover, the supported series is causing storms. The organization realizes what to reward its users, and the shoes they offer are amazingly tough.

In case you are into athletics, this brand is great for you. You can get a decent determination of sports and shoes for all kinds of people. It has been named one of the best shoe brands in India for 2021.


Presently, with a yearly income of more than Rs.600 crore. Liberty Shoes has been producing shoes for more than 60 years. It is positioned fifth among the top shoe brands.

It produces more than 60 thousand pairs each day with a monthly capacity of more than 4 lakh sq. feet of leather. It is regarded as one of the best Indian shoe brands.


Puma is a globally recognized shoe, and clothing brand founded in 2005 and sells its products in India through online stores and retail outlets. It is one of the top five sports shoe and clothing brands in India.

Puma shoes are comfy and long-lasting, and they look incredible with Puma polo shirts and pants. Puma's running shoes are the most famous, with a significant degree of style and usefulness. The evoPower football shoes and the evoSpeed cricket shoes are their top-of-the-line sports shoes in India.

Last Updated on September 15, 2021