Top 10 Rum Brands In India

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“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest... Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum” goes the famous sea song from Treasure Island, the classic novel by R.L. Stevensen. Most of the rum producing nations are situated in Latin America or around the Caribbean Islands, explaining its connection with sailors and also with pirates. India is not far behind in rum consumption, in fact apart from high volume of domestic consumption, India is also a notable exporter of rum to the world.

Rum is usually produced by countries with high sugarcane production and is made from molasses (a sugarcane by-product) or from sugarcane juice and ranges from Dark coloured matured rums to amber coloured ones. The most convenient segregation is based on their colour. The two types of rum’s thus sourced are either Premium Dark Rum or White Rum. While the premium variety is meant for sipping, the white variety is mostly used as a base for cocktails.

Here’s a list of Top 10 rum brands in India. The list is derived on the basis of the price of the various brands. Rum production varies from one country to another and does not have a defined production method, due to individual traditional processing techniques. Hence rum cannot be listed on the basis of alcohol content, ageing or any other parameter, since the standards are not uniform. This list comprises domestic rum as well as IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor). The prices indicated may differ due to taxes.

List of Top 10 Rum Brands in India


Malibu is a premier rum from the Caribbean region and famous the world over for its unique coconut flavour. This rum is manufactured by Pernod Ricard and is a favourite base for many cocktails due to its white base. The slight sweet taste adds character to the drink. Malibu offers Malibu Black the dark rum of the brand. Malibu is also available in various flavours, however the most widely known are Malibu Island Spice, Malibu Sunshine, Malibu Sundae’, Malibu Swirl, Malibu Mango, Malibu Banana, Malibu Passion Fruit, Malibu Pineapple and Malibu Island Melon. The flavours available in Indian markets are Malibu Original, Malibu Red (Blend of rum and Tequila) and Malibu Snowcoco.
Alcohol Content: 21%
Price by volume: 750ml –INR 1650/- Price for Malibu Original Rum

Bacardi :

One of the most sought after rums in the IMFL category, Bacardi enjoys a niche in Indian market today. The story of its Bat logo also goes a long way. Produced by a family run unit, Bacardi has come a long way since its inception in 1862. Bacardi Rum has three main flavours depending upon the hue and intensity. These include Bacardi Select (Dark Rum), Bacardi Superior (White Rum) and Bacardi Gold (Gold Rum). Bacardi also produces flavoured rum with unique flavours. These include Limon, Orange, Raspberry, Apple and Dragon Berry with the base of White Rum. The rum tastes sweet and fruity with notes of vanilla.
Alcohol Content 42.8%
Price by volume: 1litre – INR 1300 /- | 750ml –INR 1100/- |375ml - INR 550/-|180ml - INR 273/-| 90ml - INR 134/- (Price for White Rum).

Havana Club :

Havana Club is a brand manufactured by Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government and bottled at its plant in Punjab. Havana Club has various variants ranging from 1yr to 7yr aged rum. These include Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Havana Club Añejo 3 Años, Havana Club Añejo Especial, Havana Club Añejo Reserva and Havana Club Añejo 7 Años. The rum has notes of vanilla and chocolate.
Alcohol Content: 40%
Price by volume: 750ml – INR 800/-| 180ml - INR 200/-

Captain Morgan :

Captain Morgan is a Spiced Rum with a molasses base and is marketed in India by Diageo. It is known the world over for its unique flavour and is available in varied forms. Though there are various other flavours available in the International markets only Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rumand Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum are available in India.
Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price by volume: 750ml –INR 780/- |180ml - INR 200 (Price of Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum)

Hercules :

Hercules Rum is extremally popular Indian rum and sold mostly to the Defence segment. The brand produces both white and dark rum and has three variants namely Hercules Deluxe Rum (dark), Hercules XXX Rum (dark), and Hercules White Rum.
Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price by volume: 1000ml - INR 527 /- | 750ml – INR 478/- | 375ml - INR 239/-|180ml - INR 116/-|

Mc Dowell’s :

 Mc Dowell’s No. 1 Celebration Rum is regarded today as the No.1 Rum brand in India according to the PASH Beverage Report dated November 2008. Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum is produced by UB Group and has been awarded many prestigious awards including Silver from the Beverage Tasting Institute, 2008, Bronze Medal at Monde Selection, 2006 to name a few. Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration is dark reddish in colour. The brand also has white rum called Mc Dowell’s No.1 Caribbean. The popular dark rum has a distinctive flavour of caramel and vanilla.
Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price by volume: 1litre – INR 376 /- | 750ml –INR 282/- |375ml-INR 141/-|180ml - INR 68/-|90ml -INR 34/- (Price for Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum).

Jolly Roger :

Jolly Roger Rum is produced by Allied Blenders & Distillers and is made of fermented molasses. It is matured rum with hints of spices.
Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price by volume: 750ml –INR 270/-

Old Monk :

Old Monk clearly is the most celebrated rum in India. Apart from a loyal fan base, this brand has succeeded for many years without zero advertising. Old Monk is produced by Mohan Meakin Ltd. The rum is dark brown in colour and has a slight vanilla flavour. Old Monk has a 7-year aged and a 12-year aged variety available. Old Monk has close to six variants such as Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum, Old Monk XXX Rum, Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum, Old Monk White Rum and Old Monk Legend-Limited Edition Rum. Though the brand has many variants, the most popular one remains to be the original Old Monk version because of its classic taste.
Alcohol Content: 40%
Price by volume: 1litre –INR 264/- | 750ml –INR 234/- |375ml - INR 117/-|180ml - INR 57/-|90ml - INR 35/- (Price for Old Monk Original).

Contessa :

 Contessa Special XXX Rum is dark coloured rum from the house of Radico Khaitan, also known for its 8pm whiskey. Contessa has a major share in the defence segment, undoubtedly the highest consumer of rum in India. Contessa Rum has been awarded a Silver medal at Monde Selection 2008 and a Bronze medal at International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2007 for its quality. Contessa is the only rum in India which is produced from cane juice spirit. The rum has a slight taste of raisins.
Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price by volume: 750ml – INR 260/- |375ml - INR 135/-|180ml - INR 65/-(Price for Contessa Special XXX Rum)

Old Port :

 Old Port is produced by Amrut Distilleries, India. The brand has four variants namely Old Port Deluxe Rum, Old Port Matured Rum, Amrut XXX Classic Rum, Amrut XXX ranging from Dark brown hues to a reddish brown hues. The rum tastes of vanilla with flavours of butterscotch and molasses.
Alcohol Content: 40% (approximate)
Price by volume: 750ml –INR 260/- | 375ml - INR 135/-| 180ml - INR 65/- (Price for Contessa Special XXX Rum

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