Private Sector of Indian Economy

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The private sector of Indian economy is the past few years have delineated significant development in terms of investment and in terms of its share in the gross domestic product. The key areas in private sector of Indian economy that have surpassed the public sector are transport, financial services etc.

Indian government has considered plans to take concrete steps to bring affect poverty alleviation through the creation of more job opportunities in the private sector of Indian economy, increase in the number of financial institutions in the private sector, to provide loans for purchase of houses, equipments, education, and for infrastructural development also. The private sector of Indian economy is recently showing its inclination to serve the society through women empowerment programs, aiding the people affected by natural calamities, extending help to the street children and so on. The government of India is being assisted by a number of agencies to identify the areas that are blocking the entry of the private sector of Indian economy in the arena of infrastructural development, like regulatory policies, legal procedures etc.

The most interesting fact about the private sector of India economy is that though the overall pace of its development is comparatively slower than the public sector, still the investment of private sector in the recent past, i.e. in the first quarter of 1990 registered approximately 56 % which rose to nearly 71 % in the next quarter, accounting for an increase of 15 %. Certain steps taken by the Indian government are acting as the stepping stone of the private sector continued journey to success, include industrial delicensing, devaluation that was implemented previously.

The private sector of Indian economy is also adversely affected by the huge number of permits and enormous time required for the processing of documents to initiate a firm, however the central government has decided to abolish MRTP Act and incorporate a Competition Commission of India to bring the public sector and the private sector at the same platform.

The participation of the private sector of Indian economy is desired by the government of India for infrastructural development including specific sectors like power, development of highways and so on. As the contribution of public sector in these sectors have been arrested due to the shift of the attention of the Indian government to issues like population increase, industrial growth.

The main reasons behind the low contribution of the private sector in infrastructural development activities are that:
  • The small and medium scale companies in the private sector of Indian economy suffer from lack of finances to welcome the idea of extending their business to other states or diversify their product range.

  • The private sector of Indian economy also suffer from the absence of appropriate regulatory structure, to guide the private sector and this speaks for its unorganized framework.

  • The unorganized framework of the private sector is interrupting the proper management of this sector resulting in the slowdown of its development.

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