Top 10 Vodka Brands In India

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Ever wondered what is James Bond’s favourite drink? Yes, it is indeed Vodka - or a Vodka Martini, 'shaken not stirred'. Though there is a certain debate on its origin, it is an accepted fact that the best Vodka comes from the Eastern European regions, namely Russia and Poland. It contains 35%-50% alcohol by volume.

Vodka is a colourless and odourless drink, prepared usually from grains or potatoes. Though it is usually consumed ‘clear’ or by itself, vodka is the favourite component of many cocktails and is also a mixologist’s delight. Every party is incomplete today without a ‘Vodka Shot’ or the quintessential ‘Vodka Cocktails’, thus making it earn a certain niche and acceptance with the young today.

Vodka is produced in India by very few brands; hence this list includes mostly IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) and imported brands available in the market currently. This list of Top 10 Brands of Vodka in India is compiled on the basis of their prices. The prices may differ from one state to another depending upon the duty structure and the flavour variant. The imported brands, of course, have a higher price tag.

List of Top 10 Vodka Brands in India

Grey Goose :

Grey Goose is one of the finest vodkas available in the Indian Markets today. The brand is manufactured at high-end units in France by Bacardi Limited. Grey Goose Vodka was awarded a Platinum medal at the World Spirits Championship in San Francisco, California, along with being labelled 'The best tasting vodka in the world' by the Beverage Tasting Institute in 1998. This brand has five flavour variants available in the market currently. These include Grey Goose Regular, Cherry Noir, La Poire’, L’ Orange, and Le Citron.
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Price by Volume: – INR 6,000 for 750 ml

Belvedere :

Belvedere vodka is distilled from the finest rye and is exclusively produced in Poland. Though the brand has various flavours, the pure Belvedere Vodka is preferred the world over. The Indian market, however, does not boast of a huge flavour line-up from the brand apart from Belvedere Unfiltered, Belvedere Intense, Belvedere Red and Belvedere Silver in selected locations.
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Price by Volume: Ranging from INR 4,800 to INR 5,602 for 700 ml

Absolut :

Absolut Vodka is produced in Sweden by Pernod Ricard ABD. This vodka is famous not only for the fleet of flavours that it offers but also for the iconic bottle designs, which are a visual treat. Each bottle is nothing short of a collector’s item and the brand introduces various limited edition series for its patrons to savour. Though the brands have umpteen flavours available, the most readily available in India are Absolut, Absolut Mandarin, Absolut Citron, Absolut Kurant, Absolut Peppar, Absolut Peach and Absolut 100.

Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Price by Volume: INR 2,000 for 750 ml / INR 675 for 200 ml INR 220 for 50 ml

Smirnoff :

Smirnoff is produced by the British company Diageo, one of the biggest alcohol companies in the world. Smirnoff Vodka is triple distilled and made from the finest grains. Smirnoff won the Gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirit Awards, 2012. Smirnoff offers a range of flavours that include Smirnoff Vanilla, Smirnoff Lime, Smirnoff Green Apple, Smirnoff Orange.
Alcohol by Volume: 37.5%
Price by Volume: INR 1,190 for 1,000 ml / INR 955 for 750 ml / INR 490 for 375 ml / INR 235 for 180 ml / INR 80 for 60 ml

Eristoff :

One of the finest vodkas available in the Indian market in the mid-range is Eristoff and has originated from Georgia. Available in three distinct flavours – Eristoff Original, Eristoff Apple, and Eristoff Green, it is fast gaining momentum in the Indian market. Eristoff is listed number 8 in the elite brand list by International Wine & Spirit Research. This vodka is triple-filtered and prepared by Bacardi-Martini India.
Alcohol by Volume: 37.5%
Price by Volume: INR 790 for 750 ml

Wodka Gorbatschow:

This Vodka is produced in Berlin, Germany and is produced by Henkell & Company India Pvt. Ltd. This premium vodka has been awarded the Monde Selection Gold Award, 2006. Wodka Gorbatschow has four flavours apart from the original. These include Orange, Green Apple, and Vanilla. It is bottled locally in India.
Alcohol by Volume: 42.8%
Price by Volume: INR 683 for 750 ml

Vladivar :

Vladivar Vodka from the house of United Breweries. Vladivar Vodka is made from 100% grain and boasts of a superior quality. The said vodka is available in three flavours Orange Zest (Orange +Pepper), Green Apple (Green Apple +Mint) and Vladivar Lemon Zest (Lemon+Mint) suited for the Indian palate.
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Price by Volume: INR 603 for 750 ml / INR 148 for 180 ml / INR 51 for 60 ml.

White Mischief :

An award winning Vodka, from the house of United Breweries, this Vodka has a two-star rating from ITQI (International taste and Quality Institute). It has also been awarded a Gold certificate by International Spirituosen Wettbewerb, 2007. The brand boasts of a 47% share in the market today. White Mischief is a triple-distilled vodka with the highest level of purity, and has three flavour variants available in the market apart from the regular Ultra Pure. These include Strawberry+Ginseng, Mango+Mint and Green Apple+Cinnamon
Alcohol by Volume: 42.8%
Price by Volume: INR 453 for 750 ml / INR 140 for 375 ml / INR 70 for 180 ml

Romanov :

Another award winning (a two-star rating from International taste and Quality Institute) vodka from the house of United Breweries, Romanov gets its name from the last Russian czar. Romanov is present in four flavour variants that include Premium, Orange, Lemon and Apple giving ample flavour choices to its users.
Alcohol by Volume: 42.8%
Price by Volume: INR 453 for 750 ml / INR 226 for 375 ml / INR 110 for180 ml

Magic Moments :

Magic Moments is produced by Radico Khaitan group in India. The brand has its patrons both nationally and internationally. The brand won a Gold medal at the Monde Selection, 2010. Its flavour range is branded as ‘Remix’ and has six distinct flavours. These include Orange, Green Apple, Lemon, Lemongrass, Chocolate and Raspberry. The very recent addition to its range is ‘Verve magic Moments’, in its premium segment.
Alcohol by Volume: 37.5%
Price by Volume: INR 370 for 750 ml / INR 290 for 375 ml / INR 143 for 180 ml / INR 54 for 60 ml

Last Updated on : January 16th, 2019