German Exports to India

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German Exports to India is an integral part of the bilateral economic relations between the two nations, India and Germany. There exists an intensive co-operation in the field of economy and the year 2005 witnessed the celebration of the 500 years of the establishment of Indo-German trade relations. After US, UK and Japan, Germany is India's fourth largest trading partner with about 5% of Indian international trade accounting to 4.94 billion Euro in total.

German Exports to India: overview

The Indo-German trade volume has increased by 180% from 2,7 Billion EUR in 1990 to 7,6 Billion EUR in 2005, with the German Exports to India have been recorded to have increased by almost 135%. The total volume of the Indo-German trade increased by 22% in 2005 with the amount of German Exports to India increasing by 28% to record 4,2 Billion EUR. In the year 2006, the Indo-German trade increased by 39% with the German Exports to India increasing by 52% to record 6,3 Billion EUR.

Factors facilitating German Exports to India-

The German Exports to India is facilitated due to the liberalization policies of India along with her democratic form of government, a well defined political system and legal framework, efficient entrepreneurs, talented engineers and world class scientists, all of these ensuring lasting business opportunities for the foreign countries. German Exports to India has been encouraged with India sourcing less raw materials, semi-finished goods, and primary products and on the other hand it had been importing finished goods from Germany.

Items of German Exports to India:

Important items of German Exports to India are like machinery, electro technology as well as plants and metal products followed by aircraft, measurement and control equipment, plastics and plastic products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and automobile products and components. Of these machinery exports to India comprises one third share of total German Exports to India.

German Foreign investments Exports to India:
India is a lucrative center for foreign investors and in terms of foreign investments, German Exports to India in total from 1991 to December 2005 has been less than one and a half billion dollars. At present there are more than 600 German companies operating in India and a robust German export of investments to India have been in practice.

German exports to India is not only important in terms of goods exported by Germany, but its significance lies in the high exports accompanied by large flows of investment and technology to India. The best example is the Germany's first and biggest aid project, the steel plant at Rourkela, in India. Since the post liberalization era in India the German exports to India has been boosted for an increase in the new investment and technical cooperation projects.

Centers regulating the German Exports to India:

The Indo German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the major instrument in the promotion of Indo-German trade relations . Another significant center is the German Office for Foreign Trade with regular market studies on important economic developments in India. It assists the German investors in researching the investment opportunities in India.

However, still German Exports to India have not yet reached any significant level as even as per recorded in 2006, less than one percent of German foreign trade is exchanged with India while Germany in terms of her worldwide export volume ranks as the first exporter of the world.