Indian Exports to Germany

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Indian exports to Germany have shown a considerable growth since the last two decades with the export items ranging from textiles to leather goods to IT solutions etc.

Overview Indian Exports to Germany

Trade relations ( between the two nations have increased to a remarkable extent and have recorded a positive growth over the last couple of years. Figures as of 2009, show that India is on 28th position on the list of sourcing countries for Germany and is ranked 27th among the main destinations for German exports. Post to the global recession, there has been an increase in the exports from India to Germany with the figures touching to 21.5% and the total exports amounting to Euro 6.2 billion.

Figures of Indo-German Export Market

There is a growing trend in the bilateral trade between the two nations and the export industry has registered an incredible growth. Figures of export for the textile industry ( touched Euro 1.5 billion. Export of chemicals occupied the second position with statistics showing export worth about Euro 585 million. The next spot is taken by data processing, electronic and optical equipment where export reached Euro 579 million. Machinery and leather exports occupied the fourth and fifth positions with export figures worth Euro 418 million and Euro 396 million respectively.

Products exported to Germany

Indian exports to Germany from textiles, to IT solutions, leather, agricultural produce, glass materials etc.

Leather Exports to Germany

Leather accessories occupy an important part of the Leather Industry in India and the Germany is one of the prime destinations for export of leather goods from India. Germany accounts to about 14% of the export market of the items of leather from India.

Textile Exports to Germany

The Indian textile industry has shown a remarkable growth over the years and has more than four million handlooms. The sector is responsible for 14% of the over all industrial output and is on the rise in the global textile sector. It generally consists of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters of textiles of cotton, handloom, woollen goods etc. Germany is one of the front runners when it comes to import of handmade Indian fibre textile. Germany resulted for the highest share of the Indian textile export market as indicated by the figures which reached to Euro 1.5 billion as of 2010.

Agricultural Exports to Germany

The agro products exported to Germany from India are listed below:

Dried and Preserved vegetables
Poultry products
Processed meat
Guar Gum
Natural Honey

IT Exports to Germany

Indian companies ( are prime outsourcing firms and display a huge potential in the IT export market. Germany is a prime destination in the export market for India providing technology solutions. India is a powerful center for research and development and also gives computer software service export, network infrastructure management, IT consulting.

Indian Glass Trade with Germany

Agenda Glass AG, a German based glass manufacturing industry was bought recently by Kolkata based Hindusthan National Glass ( & Industries (HNG), for an undisclosed amount. HNG Global GmbH is the name of the new venture.