Indian Agro Exports to Germany

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Indian Agro Exports to Germany is an important part of the total export of Indian agricultural items to Germany. From the year 2004-05, the bilateral trade between the two countries India and Germany have been growing at a record 20%. For the past several years, there exists a cordial and steady commercial ties between both the nations. In the year 2005, the two nations celebrated the 500 years of the establishment of Indo-German trade relations. Apart from the foreign countries like US, UK and Japan, Germany is the fourth largest trading partner of India. However, India accounts for just about 0.45% of total German trade and ranks 7th among the Asian countries exporting to Germany.

Indian exports to Germany which have reached a record level of 4,2 billion EUR in 2006 exceeding all expectations with the target of the total bilateral trade volume being set as 10 billion EUR for 2009.The Indian Agro Exports to Germany would receive an impetus with the improvement in the quality of packaging along with timely delivery and steady maintenance of minimum and rising quality standards. The nature of the Indian Agro Exports to Germany has changed over the years with the development of E-commerce and globalization.

Regarding the Indian Agro Exports to Germany the focus is on the products of agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. Moreover,during the months of winter, due to severe cold climate, there is a lowering of the supply of cut flowers for the European market from Germany and India plays an important role as the exporter of cut flowers.

Among other agro objects exported to Germany from India, important are the snow peas exported by the farmers of Punjab and onion along with other processed food items. Button and wild mushrooms in fresh, canned and dried forms are also important items of Indian Agro Exports to Germany. There is a growing market for Indian wines abroad, with India exporting 1.0 billion ltrs per year to Germany.

Indian Agro Exports to Germany would increase further if the infrastructure facilities like grading, packing, processing units, net houses, insecticides, organic farming, refrigerated vans, cold storage facilities, modern storage, and pesticide residue testing laboratories are improved over the years.

There had been some set backs regarding the flow of the Indian Agro Exports to Germany, due to the European Union anti-dumping and other punitive actions and by denial of market access. The investors from India were facing problems regarding the visa regulations and work permits, employment and labor laws, taxation regulations and other special regulations.