Higher Education in Italy for Indian Students

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Indian students are very much heading towards Italy as new avenues are opening up in big cities of Italy. As opportunities for Higher education in Italy for Indian Students has been rising they seem to be competing with other big nations like UK, and the US. Effective promotional steps are being taken by the universities opened up. For example, a 'road show' will be happening at the end of this year which in India which will advertise Italy's educational offers to aspiring higher education students. The best thing about studying in countries like Italy is that there is less competition around and so one could pursue a career in less pressure.

Higher education in Italy for Indian students has already began to work out as we can hear of great ventures taken by Indians to pursue their dreams in Italy such as:
  • Pasupuleti Srinivas who is from Hyderabad has gone to Italy for his internship of six months duration for doctoral scholarship in computer science from University of Trento. It was part of his Degree course in M.Tech from, IIIT Bangalore. He spends about upto 650 Euros a year for food, rent and travel.

  • A masters degree in International Health was pursued by Sanjay Deodar of Bangalore in the Bocconi University.

Like these two aspiring Indian Students many from India have been pursuing their career in Italy and as a result there are a good number of Indians in almost every campus of Italy. As such efforts are being taken to venture into the Indian Institutes and invest Italian courses out there.

Higher education in Italy for Indian students offer the main courses which Indians opt for which are listed as follows:-
  • International Health
  • Management
  • Industrial Design
  • Information and communication technology
Higher education in Italy for Indian students brings to mind such big growth of opportunities in the Italian academic realm that Indians can look forward to a bright future specially as the amount of Italian market internships are increasing day by day.