Indian merchandise exports to Italy

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There has been quite a high rise in the area of Indian merchandise exports to Italy. In fact, Italy is one of India's major trading partners.

Large volumes of merchandise is exported by India to Italy. Some of the main items of Indian merchandise exports to Italy are:

  • Textiles
  • Garments
  • Readymade clothes
  • Yarns and fabric
In 2005, Indian merchandise exports worldwide grew and naturally Indian merchandise exports to Italy also surged. India and Italy joined hands Joint working Groups, agreeing to use Indian resources of design and technology, jewelry, leather products, textile and garments, car parts, gems, and infrastructural design to increase Indian merchandise exports to Italy.

2006-07 witnessed foreign merchandise export worth US $1045.6 million to Italy. As a matter of fact, Italy has been increasing its imports and the main reason behind this is the rising demand for Indian merchandise. There is great demand for Indian silk, linen, sea food, and pharmaceuticals in Italy. The merchandise of machinery, metals, chemicals, and measuring instruments are not far behind.

There are good sporting merchandise like jackets, caps, tracks, and jerseys for games like football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and boxing that are now also being exported to Italy by India. The target now between these two countries is about € 5 billion worth of bilateral trade. As there is a demand for leather in Italy, Indian shoes and leather products are also being exported. A very good example would be the 'Indian shoe bazaar' in Italy. It is no surprise that Italy features among the major market for Indian footwear. The components merchandise are:
  • Leathers shoe uppers
  • Leather unit soles
83% of India's merchandise export of footwear components goes to countries like United Kingdom, USA, France, Portugal, and Germany. Italy is the third largest market to which India exports footwear components merchandise.

So the Indian merchandise exports to Italy have brought about a yet rapidly rising trends which has placed Italy as third in the list of great export markets for India.