Indian Agro Exports to Italy

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Indian Agro exports to Italy has been increasing and the scope of increase in trade is quite high. The most important item of the the Indian agro exports to Italy is Basil. In Italy it is called Basilico and the uses of basil are many namely:

  • liquors
  • sophisticated perfumes and
  • gourmet seasonings.
  • poultry dishes
  • stews
  • sauces
Indian Agro exports to Italy does include products such as:
  • Gherkins
  • Baby Corn
  • White Onion
  • Tomato
  • ahalopina
  • Colored Capsicum
  • Peri-Peri chilly
  • Mixed vegetables in
    1. Vinegar
    2. Acetic acid
    3. Brine
  • Basmati rice
  • Pepper
  • rice
  • wheat
  • raw tobacco
  • spices
  • cashew nut-in-shell
  • oil meals
  • sugar
  • fruits
Organic food is soon becoming a major product of export and along with few other countries Italy is one of the target market. But currently there are very few farms that are organic in nature. The number is about 1426 which is because of use of chemicals and pesticides. With the rising demand from Countries like Italy , the farms for organic food should be registering higher among the Indian agro exports to Italy.

Another item of export is cutflowers which is exported in two forms:-
  • Fresh form for bouquets and ornamental purposes.
  • Dried, dyed, bleached etc. for other purposes.
The following is the statistics since the last few years as to how much exports have been made to Italy with regard to floriculture, cut flowers both fresh and other, :-
  • 1995-118.9 million Us Dollars(cut flowers)
  • 1998-99 ` 0.47 crores (fresh cut flowers)
  • 1998-99 ` 2.07 crores (other cut flowes)
Huge amounts of Basmati rice export are done. This product is mainly long in nature and is unique to people of countries like Italy due to its nutty flavour. It can be prepared as different dishes like plain steamed rice, pulaos, pilafs, and biryanis.

As such the Indo-Italian export business are looking forward to a trade of 5 Billion Euros. To reach to such high standards the Indian agro exports to Italy will definitely play a big role.