Higher Education in US for Indian Students

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Higher education in US for Indian students is the most lucrative opportunity for numerous Indian scholars who prefer to study in the United States to studying in any other country. The academic institutions in US are the best educational destinations that build a strong base for successful careers.

In 2001-02, Indian students accounted for 11.5% of the total number of foreign students admitted by universities and colleges in US, with 66,836 Indian students. The number of Indian students enrolling themselves in the American educational institutions increased to 80,466 in the 2004-05. The number declined to 76,503 in 2005-06, in which the majority (73.7%) were graduate students, while 16.6% were undergraduate students and 9.6% were enrolled in other programs like English-language training.

The reasons behind Indian students pursuing higher education in US is primarily to supplement Indian higher education and to attain a secure future. It is quite difficult to gain admission to the most prized Indian institutions due to intense competition. For instance, only about 2% of the applicants to the prestigious IITs and IIMs manage to get admitted. As a result, many talented students who are turned away from premier schools, opt for higher education in US. Moreover, the other reason for higher education in US for Indian students is the fast growth of the Indian student population and the lack of funds of the Indian institutions to accommodate the demand for seats.

Higher education in US for Indian Students is made a bit easier and convenient by the American institutions who have successfully reached out to international students via scholarships, exchange programs, the Fulbright Program, other grants and loans, and cost-sharing with the government.

Among the most prized institutions for higher Education in US for Indian Students, the University of Southern California is the leading host institution for all international students. Other favorite destinations for Higher Education in US for Indian Students are University of Texas, Arlington, Purdue, and Arizona State University. The most popular fields of study for Higher Education in US for Indian Students are Business Management, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences, Physical and Life Sciences, Health care related programs, Intensive English Language programs, and Agriculture.

The United States Educational Foundation in India or the USEFI, is one of the most important institutions which promotes academic and cultural exchanges between India and USA. It has a significant role in developing partnerships between Indian and American institutions, and facilitates the entry and establishment of accredited US schools in India and vice versa.