US India Tourism

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US India Tourism is an important aspect of the bilateral relationship that exists between the two countries. The tourism of both the nations are diversified across various aspects, but special mention needs to be made of medical tourism and literary tourism.

The communication system having become easier and convenient, visits to the US is no longer an impossible dream for the Indian upper middle class. Similarly, the rich historical monuments and the enriched cultural heritage of India attracts many tourists from the United States every year, which earns impressive revenues for the Indian tourism sector.
  • Medical Tourism under the US India Tourism:

    The main focus of US India Tourism remains US' medical requirements which can be obtained from India at a cheaper rate. Particularly in heart surgery, hip resurfacing, and in other areas of advanced medicine, India has attained global recognition. The numerous government and private hospital groups are keen to provide the best medical services to foreigners at a comparative lower cost. For a given medical procedure/treatment the cost in India is about a tenth of its cost in America.

    One can even get low-cost preventive health screening and medical check ups including blood tests, electro-cardiogram tests, chest x-rays, lung tests, and abdominal ultrasound tests done in India at a fraction of a price charged in USA. One of the examples of the brilliant performance of the Indian medical institutions is that of the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center in Delhi and Faridabad, which performs about 15,000 heart operations every year. The mortality rate is only 0.8% after the surgery, which is less than half that of the hospitals of in USA. It has been estimated that the value of medical tourism to India will reach nearly $2 billion a year by 2012. Of all the zones in India, the south seems to have excelled in providing medical assistance to the West, with Chennai being considered the health capital of India. More and more Indian hospitals are attaining the accreditation of the U.S. Joint Commission International.
  • Literary Tourism under the US India Tourism:
    Another integral part of US India Tourism is literary tourism since a large number of students desire to pursue higher education in the US. Numerous Indian academicians prefer studying in the United States to any other country. The educational institutions in US are among the best educational destinations that build a strong career base. Indian students who strive for higher education but fail to gain admission to the premier institutions of India also see the US as an alternative that will be a good gateway for them. The higher education in US for the Indian Students is made easier and convenient by the American institutions through their student scholarships, prestigious scholarly exchange program, the Fulbright Program, grants, loans, and cost-sharing with the government.