Petrol Price Hike in Dehradun 2012

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Price of petrol in India is on an ever increasing high. People are blaming the Government of India for being insensitive to the miseries of the commoners and the government is in turn holding international market forces responsible for the hike. Whatever the reason may be, the fact that people are required to spend a sizeable portion of their hard earned money is inevitable.

The price of petrol in Dehradun as on 16th January 2011 was 60.61 rupees. Following an increase of 5.21 rupees, price of petrol reached 65.82 rupees on 15th May 2011. Price of petrol refused to decline and reached 66.1 rupees on 1st July 2011. The next blow to the masses came on 16th November 2011 when the price of petrol reached 69.37 rupees. People in Dehradun had to shell out 70.5 rupees for petrol after 4th November 2011 after which the prices declined twice. Petrol in Dehradun was available for 68.18 rupees following 16th November 2011. People of Dehradun are required to spend 67.37 rupees for petrol at the moment.

Last Updated on 05/25/2012