Logistics industry in India

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The logistics industry in India has not achieved much-deserved attention or recognition. It is an area that is ripe with potential, and yet the resources are far from complete utilizations. However, there is a huge demand for logistic services in India, especially with the growth of the Indian economy and the influx of new companies in otherwise unknown sectors.
The Size of the Logistics Industry in India is $215-billion, of which 10-15% includes organised players. It links various markets, suppliers and customers placed across the country. During the Union budget of 2020-21, the central government said that the National Logistics Policy would lower the logistics cost to less than 10% of GDP by 2022. The Indian logistics market is anticipated to reach about USD 255 billion in 2022, flourishing at a CAGR of 10.5%. The Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is a logistics capacity index that studies the differences between countries on subjects like customs procedures, logistics costs and the quality of the infrastructure for overland and maritime transport. The World Bank measures the logistics performance of the countries, and the LPI ranked India on the 44th position out of 160 countries in 2018.

Purpose of Logistics Industry

The purpose of the logistics industry is to enable effective transportation or timely movement of goods from one place to another. This could be for an industrial vehicle or even private purposes.

Different mediums of Logistics services

There are three mediums of logistics services in India. These can be categorized in the following ways:
Air freight – This is a modern and safest mode to ensure fast delivery of goods. A chosen one by many, because of the swiftness of the system, many companies are now even providing super-fast deliveries by airways even on the same day.

Land transport – This is a means of logistics support that has withstood the test of time through the extensive network of roads in India. It has been the popularly used method and used primarily in heavy articles like machinery and vehicles. This is also a chosen method in the case of household packers and movers.

Railways – This is also an age-old method of shipments and transport. Though most used in case of domestic services, this is very effective in the availability of cost-effective logistics support in India.

Waterways – An essential part of this industry, this is also one of the oldest methods. Shipments and transportation of goods are made on an international basis this way. It is apt in case of shipments of oil, highly sensitive or volatile articles like Uranium.

Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

Among the key players of the Indian logistics industry, there are specific international names along with national companies that are not only world leaders in the field but are also part of the Indian sector for a long time now.

DHL – A very commonly known name in the Indian logistics industry, DHL has been part of the industry for a long time. Established in San Francisco in 1969, DHL has grown across 220 countries with over 300,000 employees. It has built a reputation over the years as a responsible logistics support for air, ocean, express freight and overland transport, contract logistic solutions. Allcargo Logistics Ltd: It was set up in the year 1995. It has gained massive popularity over the years with its work. It offers a multimodal transport system (transport of goods through various modes of transportation such as truck, rail, ocean, and air). Being a part of the Avvashya group provides quality and professionalism, making it one of the most preferred logistics companies in India. Some of its services include Ship owing, Warehousing Chartering, pan India container freight stations.

Adani Logistics Company – Adani Logistics Limited (ALL) was set up in 2005 with its subsidiaries such as Innovative B2B logistics solutions Pvt. Ltd., Adani Agri Logistics, and more. It is a pan India, an end-to-end service provider with its three logistics centres in states like Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

TNT – his is an international brand that has been a part of the Indian market also. Established in the Netherlands, TNT is a reliable name in the global transportation and distribution business. Spread across 200 countries, it has an estimated revenue turnover of $ 3,500 billion US dollars.

AFL – This is one of the well known international players in the logistics industry of India. The main areas of service by the company are in the area of logistics and warehousing along with Courier Company and custom consultant.

BLUE DART – This is one of the premier companies in the field of logistics. The company has a vast network linked with the most advanced communication systems. It functions in the express logistics industry, which offers numerous sectors and individual customers by providing timely services. Express delivery services are used for multiple products such as electronic products, securitised documents, automotive components, temperature-controlled shipments, mobile phones, trade samples, lifesaving drugs, etc. It handles large and oversized packages and stands for overnight delivery of such goods.

GATI – one of the pioneering companies in the field of logistics. This is one of the companies that have taken several initiatives to implement modernization in logistics. With a turnover of ` 576 crores, this company believes in setting new standards of customer service.

DTDC – This company spreads over 3700 locations within India and 240 international places.The company is a leading name in low-cost shipments along with timely delivery.

ASHOK LEYLAND – This is an established and prominent name in manufacturing trailer trucks and heavy vehicles in India. It has come up with a new venture in Ashley Transport Services Ltd. in the area of information exchanges and the business of freight contractors along with integrated logistics services.

FIRST FLIGHT – This is an Indian company that has domestic, international and many other programs of multi-tracking technologies.

AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS – This is a popular name in the field of logistics companies of India. This is a name that has over the years become synonymous with quality and assurance in services such as shifting, transport of cars and all other forms of packing and transportation.

Last Updated on July 28, 2021