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ICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank in India in terms of market capitalization. It is also the second largest bank in India in terms of assets with a total asset of ` 3,674.19 billion (US$ 77 billion) as on June 30, 2009. For the quarter ended on June 30, 2009, the total profit after tax has been ` 8.78 billion. Formerly known as Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, ICICI Bank has an extensive network of 1,544 branches with about 4,816 ATMS located across India and in 18 other countries. ICICI Bank serves over 24 Million customers throughout the world. It is considered as one of the ‘Big Four Banks’ in India along with State Bank of India, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank.

ICICI Bank provides a wide array of banking products and financial services to its retail and corporate customers. It has a wide variety of delivery channels and specialized affiliates and subsidiaries that ensure the flow of its offerings in the areas like investment banking, venture capital, life and non-life insurance and asset management. This bank is also India's largest credit card issuer. The equity share of ICICI Bank is listed on various stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, Kolkata Stock Exchange and Vadodara Stock Exchange etc. Its AD are also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

ICICI Bank also has the largest international balance sheet among all the banks in India. It is also expanding its business in the overseas market at an enviable pace. In Q2 September 2008, ICICI Bank recorded a 1.15% growth in net profit over Q2 September 2007 to reach at ` 1,014.21 crores. The current and savings account (CASA) ratio of the bank also went up from 25% in 2007 to 30% in 2008.

Subsidiaries and Branches

ICICI Bank has branches and subsidiaries in the following countries:

SubsidiariesUnited Kingdom
BranchesUnited States
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
International Finance CentreUnited Arab Emirates
South Africa


ICICI Bank has the following channels through which it offers its products and services to its customers.

  • Branches
  • ATMs
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Phone Banking

ICICI Bank Products and Services

ICICI Bank offers a host of products and services to its clients, which include Deposits, Loans, Cards, Investments, Insurance, Demat, NRI Services and Online Services etc.


Following deposits are offered:

  • Savings Account
  • Advantage Deposit
  • Special Savings Account
  • Life Plus Senior Citizens Savings Account
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Security Deposits
  • Recurring Deposits
  • Tax-Saver Fixed Deposit
  • Young Stars Savings Account
  • Child Education Plan
  • Bank@Campus
  • Salary Account
  • Advantage Woman Savings Account
  • EEFC Account
  • Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account
  • Privilege Banking
  • No Frills Account
  • Rural Savings Account
  • People's Savings Account
  • Self Help Group Accounts
  • Outward Remittance
  • Freedom Savings Account
  • Family Banking


ICICI Bank offers following loan facilities:

  • Home Loans
  • Loan Against Property
  • Personal Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Two Wheeler Loans
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
  • Loans Against Securities
  • Loan Against Gold Ornaments
  • Pre-approved Loans

ICICI Home Loans

ICICI Bank is the largest provider of Home Loans in India. ICICI Home Loans offer unbeatable benefits to ensure that its clients get the best deal without any hassles. ICICI Bank Home Loans provide loans not only at competitive interest rates, but also are so designed that they cater to the specific needs of consumers.
New products / New features in existing products are introduced from time to time based on customer feedback. ICICI Bank offers easy home loans for purchase or construction of flat or house.
The benefits associated with ICICI Home Loans which give them an edge over other players in the market are:
  • Attractive and customer friendly loan interest rates
  • Loans as low as INR 0.2 million is available
  • Term loans up to 20 years is available
  • Loans come with a Free Personal Accident Insurance Policy
  • Premium charged in case of insurance options for Home Loans is also attractive.
  • Simplified Documentation
  • Doorstep Service
  • Home Loans can be sanctioned even before selecting a property
(All the above facilities are situational and subject to changes according to the company's discretion.)
With varied offering of house loans and home finance, ICICI Bank Home Loans provide a variety of options to its customers from which they can choose the one that suits them the best. The various policies or terms of ICICI Home Loans are:
  • Fixed Rate Home Loan
  • Adjustable Rate Home Loan or Floating Rate Home Loan
  • Partly Fixed and Partly Floating Rate Home Loan
  • Smartfix Home Loan
  • Moneysaver Home Loan
The other types of loans include Land Loans, Office Premises Loans, Home Improvement Loan and Home Loan for NRI. One can also leverage his/her existing property to get a Loan against Property, Property Overdraft or Lease Rental Discounting. All of these are available at a fixed rate or an adjustable rate of interest.
Another significant feature of ICICI Home Loans is that it allows the customer transfer the balance of his/her existing home loan from other banks. Moreover, the Home Loans are also liable to tax benefits.
Thus,for all good reasons mentioned above, ICICI Home Loans have been and will be the most sought after in the distant future.

ICICI Bank Credit Cards

The provision of paying for an expensive commodity in easy installments is the basic advantage of using a credit card. An ICICI Credit Card provides the facility of cash, convenience and a range of benefits, anywhere in the world.

The benefits associated with ICICI Bank Credit cards are:
  • Free cards for a lifetime
  • Insurance benefits
  • Global emergency assistance service
  • Discounts
  • Utility payments
  • Travel discounts and and a few others.

ICICI Bank also offers a range of cards, each designed for a specific purpose as follows:

  • Premium Card
  • Co-branded Card
  • Classic Card
  • Affinity Card
  • Picture Card
  • Corporate Card
  • EMI Card
  • Preferred Card
  • Value for Money Card

The Premium Credit Card from ICICI Bank provides the card bearer, the benefits of owning an exclusive Credit Card for his/her convenience and usage. The card includes special deals to complement the bearer's lifestyle. Other cards in this category include Super Gold Credit Cards, Platinum Credit Cards along with Travel Cards for Airmiles, the best holiday packages and air tickets. A Golf Credit Card comes with a free membership of the Indian Golf Union along with special Golfing benefits.
The Co-branded Credit Card provides access to various useful commodities the consumption of which would otherwise be expensive. For example an ICICI Bank Co-branded Card of a departmental chain can enable the consumer to buy commodities at a lesser cost than he would normally have to do without the card.
The Classic Credit Card category comprises the following:

  • ICICI Bank Sterling Silver Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank - American Express Green Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Visa Mini Card
  • ICICI Bank Online Credit Card
EMI Credit Card provides unique credit facility, where the customer's monthly EAD (EMI Amount Due) is fixed and inclusive of all charges. Any incremental purchases will not increase the EAD paid by the customer but only result in the proportionate increase in the tenure of repayment.
The Value for Money Credit Card is the first in India of its kind. A no-frills Card packed with benefits that matter. India's only internationally valid Value for Money Photo Card offers an unmatched combination of features and convenience.
Thus as the introduction on credit card facility has brought about a revolution in the world of purchases, the ICICI Credit Card has only taken this facility to the next level much to the convenience of its millions of users worldwide.

ICICI Bank Investments Plans

  • ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Government of India Bonds
  • Initial Public Offers (IPO) by Corporates
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • ICICI Bank Pure Gold
  • Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, 2004

Insurance Plans

  • Home Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Advantage Plus
  • Family Floater
  • Personal Accident
  • Travel Insurance
  • Individual Overseas Travel Insurance
  • Student Medical Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • ICICI Pru LifeTime Gold
  • ICICI Pru LifeState RP

NRI Services By ICICI Bank

Following services are offered to the NRIs:

  • Money Transfer
  • Bank Accounts
  • Investments
  • Home Loans
  • Insurance
  • Loans Against FD

ICICI Mobile Banking

A user friendly automated service menu offers customers, a convenient access to their accounts coupled with security. All the transactions are protected by a ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is a personal password to their respective Bank & Credit Card Account and Tpin in case of Demat Account . Any additional assistance is provided by the Phone Banking Officers (PBOs).
Self Phone Banking (IVR) Access Mechanisms are as follows :
  • For Deposits, customer needs to key-in his ATM or Debit Card Number and its corresponding ATM PIN.
  • For Credit Cards , customer needs to key-in his 16 digit Card Number and its corresponding ATM PIN.
  • For Demat Account Holders , customer needs to key-in his 14 Digit Demat Account Number and its TPIN
  • For Bond Account Holders, customer needs to key in the Bond Holder Number only.
  • All the above facilities are obtained absolutely free of charge.

Some of the Phone Banking services offered by ICICI Bank are:

Bank services:
  • Account Balance
  • Mini Statement
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Cheque Status Enquiry
  • Stop Cheque Payment
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Internet Userid
  • Mobile banking Registration
Card Services:
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Details of Last Statement
  • Details of Last Payment
  • Last five Transactions
  • Reward Points status
Demat Services:
  • ISIN query
  • Holding statement
  • Transaction History
  • Submitting Delivery Instructions
  • Request for Instruction Booklet
  • Information on Redemption:
  • Information on Interest
  • Information on Despatch of Bonds certificates
Other Services:
  • Loss or Replacement of card
  • Re-issue of ATM PIN
  • Standing Instructions
  • Complaints and suggestions
  • Inquire about any ICICI Bank product

Registration for Phone Banking

Any Account,Card or Bond holder at ICICI Bank is liable to enjoy Phone Banking Facility by default. Hence no registration needs to be done for it. In case of Demat account, one just have to fill the form and drop it at the nearest ICICI Bank Branch or ATM. Such is the gift of ICICI Phone Banking Service .

Corporate Address and Contact Number

ICICI Bank Towers
C - 15, G - Block, Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (E)
Mumbai - 400 051
Tel: +91-22-26531414
Fax: +91-22-26531122 / 368 / 212

ICICI Bank Website :


ICICI Bank Informational Data

Name of Bank ICICI Bank
No. of Offices 1408
No. of Employees 34596
Business per Employee (in ` Lakh) 1154.00
Profit per Employee (in ` Lakh) 11.00
Interest Income (in ` Crore) 31093
Other Income (in ` Crore) 7604
Interest Expended (in ` Crore) 22726
Operating Expenses (in ` Crore) 7045
Return on Assets 0.98
CRAR 13.96
Net NPA Ratio 2.09

Last Updated on 4/21/2015