Top Aviation Companies in India

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An overview of Aviation sector in India

India is one of the flourishing global aviation markets. As per Airport Authority of India (AAI) statistics, there are 127 airports in India which incorporates 13 international, 80 domestic, 28 civil and 7 custom airports. Moreover India has around 1091 registered aircrafts.

Over the years there has been steady growth in the number of private players establishing their business in India due to increasing liberalization and deregulation. Hence, at present aviation industry consist of three types of players namely, Full cost carriers, Low cost carriers (LCC) and other start-up airlines.

The aviation sector in India has registered an estimated increase in domestic passenger sector by 50% per annum in the recent years, while the growth in international passenger section is estimated as 25%. Experts foresee future growth in international cargo by 12%.

As per the prediction of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India in the coming decade will require 1,500 to 2,000 passenger aircrafts out of which 135 planes have already been added. It is also predicted that India's aircraft capacity will stand at 500-550.

In the year 2015, as estimated by the ministry, the domestic market will exceed 60 million and the international traffic will achieve 20 million. And in 2020, Indian airports will be effective enough to support 100 million passengers, which would include 60 million domestic passengers. The quantity of cargo managed by the airport is estimated to decline in the range of 3.4 million tonnes per year.

List of Top aviation companies in India

Air Charter Services Pvt Ltd

Air Charter Services Pvt. Ltd. performs its business operations with private business aircrafts, executive and corporate air charters, helicopter tours, VIP charter flights, and photo and video flights. Its client list incorporates VIPs, corporate firms, tour co-ordinators, travel agents and air medical evacuation professionals. It provides services such as relief, VIP, air ambulance and privacy services.

Air Charters India

Air Charter India is owned by the STIC Travel Group and has around 100 airplanes in India. It covers several international destinations with an unmatchable logistics support. The aviation company has 40 offices with a highly skilled manpower of above 1000 people. It offers services like heli-skiing, charter flights for pilgrimage in India, heli-sightseeing, corporate jets, executive jets, etc. Air Charter India provides airplanes such as helicopters, business aircrafts, aircrafts for corporates, individuals and group travelers.

Air India

National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL) was the first Indian aviation company which led the way for other companies in the aviation sector. It was initiated before the India gained its independence. Later it collaborated with Indian Airlines and gained the reputation of being the largest airline in South Asian airline. Air India Cargo, Air India Express and Air India Regional are its subordinates in aviation market. It offers First class, Executive class and Economy class services and has codesharing pacts with companies like Air France, Austrian Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Astana, Emirates Airline, Air Mauritius, Kuwait Airways, etc.

Aviation India

Aviation India provides services like cargo services, flight operation, air charter services, passenger services, freight control, advisory and consultancy, aircraft preservation and renovation, international flight operation, air supervision and helipad engineering, etc. The airlines has skilled workforce and offers total control and functional back-up to several international schedule / non-schedule operations.

Indian Airlines

Indian Airlines was inaugurated on 1st August, 1953 and in collaboration with its fully governed subordinate in aviation market Alliance Air, it takes pride in being recognized as one of the biggest regional airline systems in Asia. It has a fleet of 70 airplanes and covers 76 destinations, 58 Indian destinations and 18 foreign destinations. Globally it covers Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Yangon, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

Deccan Aviation Ltd.

The aviation company has its presence in 8 places namely, Mumbai, Ranchi, Surat, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Katra, Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Delhi. It has 350 daily departures and covers 65 destinations in India. It offers the benefit of no-cost travel to infants, ticketing counters, lavish aircraft interiors and ticketing flexibility.


Indigo is a utilitarian low-price domestic airline which offers feasible flying alternatives for millions. The airline was facilitated by the Air Passengers Association of India (APAI) as the “Best Low-Fare Carrier in India for the year 2007”. Indigo has 120 daily departures and a fleet of 19 Airbus A320. The airline covers 17 destinations namely, Agartala, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Goa, Imphal, Kolkata, Mumbai, Vadodara, etc.

Paramount airways

Paramount Airways is a business class airline which has its base in India and headquarters at Chennai. Endorsed by Madurai-based Paramount Group and Paramount Railways was inaugurated in 19th October 2005. Its fleet comprises 5 aircrafts and it operates in 8 destinations.

Go Air Airlines

Like SpiceJet, a Go Air airline is also a low price airline endorsed by the Wadia group. It was inaugurated in Mumbai in June 2004. It operates in 11 cities with 61 daily departures. It has started its functions in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Goa, Cochin, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Srinagar, etc.

Kingfisher Airlines

It is the one and only 5-star airline in India which offers excellent first class service on domestic itineraries also. A part of UB group, Kingfisher Airlines has received 30 awards for its novelty and customer satisfaction. After its tie-up with Deccan, the airline covers 64 cities and has 484 daily departures.

Spice Jet

Spice Jet is basically a low cost airline which incorporates many Boeing 737-800 airplanes in its fleet. It covers 14 destinations in India.

Air Sahara

Air Sahara was inaugurated on December 3, 1993 with a fleet of only two Boeing 737-200s. Now it comprise of 27 aircrafts, 135 daily departures and availability of 16500 seats on regular basis. It reaches various Indian destinations like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways was established on May 5, 1993. It earns yearly revenue of Rs 2502.89 and total income of approx ₹ 117868.8 Million. At present it id India's biggest private domestic airline with 62 aircrafts and a market share of 25%. It covers 50 destinations with 340 regular departures. Jet Airways has pacts with foreign airlines, such as Lufthansa, Swiss, Gulf Air, Austrian Airlines, Qantas and Thai.

Last Updated on June 29, 2015