Nanguneri Special Economic Zone

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Nanguneri Special Economic Zone has been planned by the Tamilnadu government to be set up in a town called Nanguneri, which is situated, in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. The SEZ Nanguneri is supposed to be a Hi- Tech Industrial Park where different kinds of industries will be established.

The Tidco in association with the Axes Technologies and INFAC GROUP that are USA based companies has planned the Special Economic Zone Nanguneri. In order to set up Nanguneri Special Economic Zone, a joint venture company has been established which is called the ATMAC Ltd. The SEZ is said to be a project worth around Rs.14, 000 crore and the land required for establishing the SEZ has been acquired. The plan of the state government is that the Nanguneri Special Economic Zone should have assembly and design facilities, modern infrastructure amenities and facilities, and light manufacturing facilities in order to attract companies from all over the world to set up their units in the SEZ.

The various industries that would be established in the Nanguneri Special Economic Zone are consumer and electronic durables, information technology, pharmaceuticals, precision and light engineering, biotechnology, telecommunication and electronic components. The master plan for the Nanguneri Special Economic Zone has been submitted by the Jurong International and according to this plan the industrial sector would have factories that are custom built, factories that are ready built, business, information technology, and science technology parks, and multi- national corporations units. In the master plan for the Special Economic Zone Nanguneri, the utility sector would have power plants, telecommunication centers, sewage and water treatment plants, and international standards roads.

The state government of Tamilnadu has declared that in the Special Economic Zone of Nanguneri a pharmacy park would be set up, as the industry of pharmacy in the state has been demanding this for a long time. The pharmacy park in the SEZ would be built in an area of 250 acre and around 50 pharmaceutical manufacturers would establish their shops in the Nanguneri Special Economic Zone. In the Special Economic Zone Nanguneri, the pharmaceutical park is expected to provide employment to more than 2,800 people and it is estimated that it would manufacture drugs worth around ` 500 crore.

Nanguneri Special Economic Zone thus would have all the world-class standard facilities that are required by the units that function in a SEZ. The state government of Tamilnadu has made sure that the Special Economic Zone Nanguneri provides all the comforts to the units and this has helped to attract many companies to the SEZ. In the future also the government of the state must continue to make such efforts with regard to the SEZ for it will help to bring in economic and industrial growth in the state.