SEZs and Land Acquisition

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SEZs and Land Acquisition are interconnected for in the setting up of SEZs huge amounts of land are required. Land Acquisition and SEZs have picked up speed in India since the Indian government has encouraged the setting up of SEZs in the country.

Special Economic Zone means an area of land that has been demarcated and is treated as a foreign territory for various purposes such as tariffs, trade, and duties. SEZs in India enjoy exemptions from income tax, service tax, sales tax, and customs duties. The government of India has made several policies with regard to SEZs in the country. The Indian government is encouraging the setting up of SEZs in the country for they help in the economic and industrial growth of a nation. According to the government of India's policy a SEZ in the country has to be built on at least 1 thousand hectares or more of land. And so Land Acquisition on a massive scale is taking place in India so that more and more SEZs can be set up in the country.

SEZs and Land Acquisition is taking place mainly in agricultural lands and the central and state governments are acquiring the land from the farmers. Across India, the total amount of land, which will be acquired, is around 150,000 hectares and this amount of land is capable of producing around 1 million tons of agricultural produce. The various advantages of SEZs and Land Acquisition in India are that it has helped to bring in huge amounts of foreign currency into the country, increased the number of jobs for the people of the country, and has also helped to bring in highly technologically advanced machines into the country.

The various disadvantages of SEZs and Land Acquisition in India are that it is estimated that more than 10 lakh people who are dependent upon agricultural lands will be evicted from their lands, it is estimated that the farming families will have to face loss of around Rs.212 crores each year in total income, and it will also lead to putting the food security of India at risk. SEZs and Land Acquisition in India has now resulted in dissent, uproar, and opposition from the farmers, for their livelihood has been put at stake.

Recently due to Land Acquisition in Atchutapuram, which is near Visakhapatnam, the farmers have declared war against the setting up of SEZ in their lands. The land compensation money that the state government is giving is very less in comparison to the actual market rate of the land and this has angered the farmers even more. Recently, at Nandigram village, which is in West Bengal, the farmers have also protested against the setting up of SEZ in their lands.

SEZs and Land Acquisition has been taking place in India in a very fast pace over the last few years. The government of India must make sure that Land Acquisition and SEZs must prove beneficial for the people of the country and not harmful.

Last Updated on May 29, 2015