Business tools

Business tools are software applications that are designed for smooth and easy functioning of businesses. Business tools are also known as Business Intelligent tools as they help in making the business process swift. The major aim of a Business tool is to present, analyze and report data.

We provide following business tools:

  1. Income Tax Calculator This enables one to calculate the Income Tax on the basis of Income that one earns. This is a simple to use and tool to calculate the complex income tax.

  2. Currency Converter Using our Currency Converter tool you can know about the latest currency exchange rates and also convert from one currency to the other.

  3. EMI Calculator Tool enables you to calculate your car loan EMI, home loan EMI, bank loan EMI or any other loans. Just enter the figures in the required field and you are done!!

  4. ATM locator Locates Bank ATMs of different Banks, of your choice in your City

Last Updated on 4/27/2011