Tax Forms in India

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The Indian government collects funds from the general masses to facilitate infrastructural growth and development of the country. The tax structure in India is classified into two broad categories - direct taxes and indirect taxes. All taxes are submitted through India tax forms.

The 4 categories of income tax forms in India:

India Tax Form for Income Tax

Income tax in India is included under the broad head of direct taxes in India and is therefore collected by the government of India directly. Income tax is levied on the personal income of the individuals as well as firms. The idea of income tax was formulated with the passing of the Income tax Act, 1961 in the parliament. The act requires any individual whose income is more than the maximum limit of exemption to pay income tax in accordance with the income tax slab published in the current financial budget. Certain India tax forms are required to be filled up to carry on the procedure of submission of income taxes. These forms include Income Tax Return Forms for resident individual, chargeable interest, return of net wealth, and return of fringe benefits among others. The income tax return forms :
  • Form 2B
  • Form 3A
  • Form 2C
  • Form 3
  • Form 2E
  • Form 2D
  • Form1 6 AA
  • Form 2F
The category of return forms also includes Expenditure Tax Return Form, Wealth Tax Return Form, and Interest Tax Return Form.

Challans are also included within income tax forms and the challan forms are named as:
  • ITNS-280 ITNS-280
  • ITNS-283 ITNS-283
  • ITNS-282 ITNS-282
  • ITNS-281 ITNS-281
Other income tax forms include application form 3CF, for scientific research program, forms for audit reports - 10CC, 6B, 10 B, 10 CCAA, 10 C. and a host of other forms like 12 BA, 15 C, 101 A, 10 H, 10 DC, and 10 CCD.

India Tax Form for Excise Duty

The central excise department charges a certain percentage on the amount spent on the production, use and sale proceeds of certain commodities like gasoline, tobacco, airline ticket etc. The forms issued by central excise department issues in relation to excise duty are:
  • Declaration FORM
  • FORM No. E.A.-4
  • FORM E.R.- 1 and FORM ER - 3
  • FORM for New ECC No.
  • FORM No. E.A.-3
  • FORM E.R.-2
  • FORM for issue of New ECC No.
  • FORM No. E.A.-4
  • FORM B-2
  • FORM No. E.A.-6
  • FORM AC-1
  • FORM E.R.- 1 and FORM ER - 3
  • FORM E.R.-2
  • FORM A.R.E.-1
  • FORM UT-1
  • FORM B-1
  • FORM CT-1
  • FORM UT-1

India Tax Form for Service Tax

The service tax department requires the filling up of different India tax forms for the submission of service taxes and for other service tax related activities. Some of the significant forms in relation to service tax are:

  • ST-3
  • Form of Application for Service Tax Code No.
  • Form ST - 3A
  • Form ST - 6
  • Form ST - 3B - NEW
  • Application for permission to file ST3 Returns electronically
  • Form ST - 4
  • Form ST - 7
  • Form ST - 5
  • Form of Service Tax Credit - NEW

India Tax Form for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

Tax Deduction at Source applies to individuals or agencies that make payments not to the central government directly but to third parties. The tax deduction at source is charged on such payments. The TDS form is named Form 49 B and requires information regarding name of the company, branches of the company, address of the company, telephone number of the company, permanent account number of the company, existing tax collection account number of the company, and existing tax deduction account number of the company.

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