BPL Group

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BPL is a name that has almost become synonymous with electronics in India. BPL is the abbreviation for British Physical Laboratories India Private Limited. Counted amongst the most popular brands in the country the BPL Group was established in 1963 by TPG Nambiar. The BPL Group is an Indian electronics manufacturing company that has successfully ventured into various sectors such as consumer appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, health care devices, and entertainment home products. The company manufactures products under two broad labels; Consumer Products and Professional Products.

The Group made a modest beginning by manufacturing sealed panel meters meant to be used by the defense. In a span of five years with sheer dedication and hard work the BPL Group ventured into the medical field and produced high class electrocardiographs.

After the introduction of the television in India BPL joined hands with SANYO of Japan and launched the BPL brand of televisions in India. Today BPL under consumer appliances manufactures televisions such as flat TV, slim TV, and conventional TV.

The group under entertainment home products produces home theaters, car audio, power solutions, and DVD players. BPL under its household products manufactures gas tables, cooking hobs, washing machines; refrigerators, home UPS and home lighting.

BPL Label under health care devices manufactures multi- parameter monitors, wireless treadmill system, and dental x- ray machines. All the manufacturing facilities of the group are highly technologically advanced. In order to further improve the quality of its products, the Group BPL has entered into collaborations with foreign companies who provide technology to the group. This has helped BPL Group to set high quality of standard for its products which in turn has boosted the sale of the group's products. As a result the group has become the country's largest electronics consumer company.

The Group BPL has its head office in Mumbai and it employs more than 14,000 people. The group is worth around 4,000 crore. The Label BPL in order to further expand its business is planning to expand in the health care sector. The group plans to enter the areas such as dentistry, critical care, and home heath care. BPL Group expects the revenue from the health care sector to amount more than 500 crore by 2010. The group in recent years has been facing equity revamp and major debt.

The various companies under BPL Group are:
  • BPL Ltd
  • BST Ltd
  • BDD Ltd
  • BPL Telecoms Ltd
Even after all the losses that the company has withstood in the last 3 - 4years it is still counted amongst the most reliable consumer durable brands in the country.

With a dominant presence in the entire country and a strong distribution network of about 7000 channel partners BPL is on its way to success again.

Last Updated on 6/21/2011