Godrej Group

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Godrej Group was set up in 1897 by Pirojsha and Ardeshir Godrej. The Group Godrej is involved in various businesses that ranges from word processors and typewriters to safes and locks, from chemicals and edible oils to agricultural products, from furniture and refrigerators to process equipment and machine tools, and from detergents and cosmetics to engineering workstations.

Godrej Label has become one of India's most remarkable corporation in the industrial sector. This has been possible due to the fact that the Label Godrej has strictly maintained the quality of its products by using the best quality of raw materials. The Group Godrej has also highly technologically advanced manufacturing facilities. All these measures has ensured that the group's products are of very good quality which has led to customer satisfaction and loyalty. This has helped Godrej Group to become worth around US$ 1.3 billion. The Label Godrej employs more than 18,000 people.

The various companies under the Godrej Group are:
  • Godrej Global Solutions Ltd

  • Godrej Hi Care India Ltd

  • Godrej Industries Ltd

  • Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

  • Godrej Commodities Ltd
Among the many companies under the Godrej Label, Godrej Global Solutions Ltd is an important company. The company provides global BPO services and solutions to their clients. Godrej Hi Care India Ltd is another company that is under the Group Godrej. The company provides pest management services to its customers. Godrej Hi Care India Ltd has introduced a highly technical and odorless way of pest control. The company is worth around ` 30 crore and has over 2 lakhs customers. Among the many companies that come under the Godrej Group, Godrej Industries Ltd is another important company. The company manufactures various kinds of chemicals and also food products like fruit beverages and refined oil. Godrej Industries Ltd's total income amounted to ` 2014.50 million in 2006- 2007 and the net profit stood at ` 325.30 million.

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd is another company that is under the Godrej Group. The company produces household and personal products such as soaps, shaving cream, talcum powder, fairness cream, and liquid detergent. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd's total income amounted to ` 2372.90 million in 2006- 2007 and the net profit stood at ` 357.90 million. Godrej Commodities Ltd is another company that is under the Group Godrej. The company is engaged in trading various vegetable oils such as soybean, groundnut, and sunflower. The total income of Godrej Commodities Ltd amounted to ` 3.20 million in 2006- 2007 and the net profit stood at ` 0.85 million.

Godrej Group has become one of the leading groups in the country on the basis of the quality of its products. And so in order to retain its position the group must continue to supply the best quality of products to its customers.

Last Updated on 21/06/2011