Astrologers in India

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Unlike other science, astrology has been able to draw the attention of all the individuals of different nationality, age, group and gender. It studies the movements of Sun, Moon and other planetary bodies and the influence they can bear on any individual's personality and character. Astrology is not a new thing in India. Its origin can be traced back to 5000 BC. You would find a mention of this science in the ancient Hindu scriptures like Vedas.

On looking back at the historical background of Indian astrology, you would come across the names like Garga, Vashistha and Bhrgu. Many of the predictions made by these great astrologers in ancient times came true. Later, we find the mention of guru Parasara, the author of Brhad Parasara Hora Sastra. He disseminated his knowledge to sage Maitreya and others. In this manner, the roots of astrology continued to grow further and found its way in the present times.

The astrologers in India, like other countries, try to find a relation between the human beings and the celestial bodies. They use this science to study the nature of an individual and his connection with the world and how certain planets impact his life process.

List of Astrologers in India

In present times, people have started relying on their astrological predictions to a great deal. Every now and then, they consult the astrologers in order to know what future has in store for them and whether they would emerge successful in their respective areas of interest or undertakings.
It is for the convenience of all, a comprehensive list of popular astrologers of India has been devised. Some of them are as discussed below:
  • Anita Nigam - A well known numerologist and astrologer in India, she came into limelight for her discerning observations about politics and celebrities' life. She is an expert in predicting one's business and personal life. She does match-making also.

  • Bejan Daruwalla - The list of top Indian astrologers cannot be complete without his name. He is a famous columnist and writer. He has been the part of many astrological conferences of international repute. His daily/ weekly forecasts are published in reputed dailies of India.

  • Bharat Bhushan - If you have any query pertaining to career or marriage, he is there to help you with arguably best suggestions and predictions. He is equally adept in making predictions about educational life as well as health of a person.

  • Deepak Kapoor - Among the top Indian astrologers, he is known for providing excellent consultations over phone. His analysis of a person's marital, business as well as love life also proves quite interesting.

  • Dr.Prem Kumar Sharma - He is one of the most sought-after astrologists. His areas of expertise are palm reading and numerology. He is proficient in match making and has a good knowledge of Feng Shui too.

  • Richa Shukla -Counted among the famous astrologers in India, her predictions can be seen in dailies like Delhi Times, Dainik Bhaskar and Hindi Times. She also practices the art of horary astrology.