Motorola India

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Motorola India largely deals with a range of operations that include Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Home & Network Mobility and Mobile Devices. Its headquarter is located at Gurgaon (Haryana) and has its units at Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

There are 3 business sectors where Motorola India operates. These 3 business units of the company Motorola India are Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Home & Network Mobility and Mobile Devices. Motorola India company mainly focuses upon Mobile handsets, Software Development programs, Managed and Hosted Services, Wireless Infrastructure facilities, Trunking and Two Way Radios, Broadband Equipment (wired as well as wireless), Applied Research and Development on Seamless Mobility or Convergence technologies. Motorola started its career in the name of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. The Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was renamed in 1947 and adopted the name Motorola which has gained immense popularity soon after

The three business units of Motorola India have different set of goals to achieve and works accordingly. The first business unit, that is Enterprise Mobility Solutions centralizes around the communication network that involves critical missions. The Government of India offers such mission-critical communications sectors that generate safety for the public, and also enterprise mobility business. The main work of Enterprise Mobility Solutions is to create, produce, install, market and service products such as analog and two-way digital radio systems, voice calls and data communication systems and products. Few products that are being delivered by this business unit of Motorola India comprise of mobile technology, modernized process to capture data, wireless infrastructure facilities and RFID solutions. These products are not only supplied to the public sector consumers but also to the global consumers from sectors such as retail, health care, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, travel and transportation. By applying modern and innovative technologies, this business unit of Motorola India help the consumers integrate, optimize and manage their cell phone networks in anywhere they go and make life easier at every point.

The second business unit, that is, Home and Networks Mobility provides capitalized bandwidth-intensive and experience-based services without succumbing to any network problems. This unit of Motorola India provides incessant access to digital entertainment information technology and other communication systems with the help of a range of wired as well as wireless solutions. This unit of Motorola India, manufactures, designs, services and sells communicative set-top boxes and voice and data modems for digital subscribers as well as cable networks. Broadband including mobile infrastructure systems created for the cable and satellite television operators along with wire line and wireless service providers. This solution as provided by Motorola India avails better and more convenient network within homes and also helps the consumers keep in touch with anyone across the globe very easily.

The third business unit of Motorola India is Mobile Devices. Apart from manufacturing, designing and marketing wireless cellular phones, it also has registration for its big-time portfolio that it holds in terms of intellectual property. The mobile devices of Motorola India comprise of highly technology-based software that has blue-tooth facility along with other communication services, various kinds of mobile entertainments, and data communications. It has acquired the form of personalized technology nowadays.

Motorola India has the largest research and development center in software. It is gained immense popularity across the globe for being the pioneer in wireless technology. With an excellent enhancement in network, Motorola India has almost reached its peak of success.