Role of Financial Institutions in Foreign Investment in India

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Financial Institutions plays a significant role in Foreign Investment in India. There are various financial institutions in India which undertake significant initiatives to ensure foreign investment inflows in the industrial units in India.

Role of Financial Institutions in Foreign Investment in India-

The main role of the financial institutions in India in respect to foreign investments is to aid foreign investors in investment activities in India. The funds from overseas countries come in two forms: Foreign direct Investments and Joint Ventures of the foreign companies with Indian companies.

Foreign direct investments inflows are approved through automatic route or through government route. Those units that require government approval to get funds require the FIPB approval. Foreign Direct Investment through automatic route, on the other hand, does not require FIPB approval. All these allocation of financial assistance to various industrial units in India are guided by the financial institutions set up in various parts of India. Some of the leading financial institutions in India that play an important role in foreign investments in India are RBI, IDBI Bank, IFCI Bank, ICICI Limited and EXIM Bank.

RBI in Foreign Investment-

RBI works through automatic route and government route in allocating funds in various sectors of the Indian industry. Its mandatory for all the foreign investors to get approvals from RBI in order to carry out invest activities in the industrial units in India. FDI is allotted up to 100 percent under automatic route and it does not require approval from FIPB.

IDBI in Foreign Investment-

IDBI acts as a financial institution which allots financial assistance to the industrial sectors which are mainly involved in manufacture or processing of goods, mining, transport generation and distribution of power both in private and public sectors. Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) has been a fully owned subsidiary bank of the Reserve Bank of India till February 1976 after which it was disconnected from RBI.

ICICI Limited in Foreign Investment-

ICICI Limited was set up in the year 1994 and ICICI Bank is a entirely owned subsidiary of ICICI Limited. ICICI Limited is known as one the best financial institutions in India as it offers a wide spectrum of services to its customers. ICICI bank offers a wide array of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through various delivery channels, specialized subsidiaries and affiliated firms, venture capital units, non-life insurance sectors, and so on.

EXIM Bank in Foreign Investment-

ECIM Bank plays a pivotal role in providing financial assistance to encourage the export production in India. Direct financial assistance, Foreign investment finance, Term loaning options for export production and export development, Pre-shipping credit, Export bills rediscounting, and Refinance to commercial banks are some of the services that EXIM Bank has specialized in.

Last Updated on 3/17/2011