Role of Realty Industry in India GDP

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The Role of Realty Industry in India GDP primarily enhances the growth of the economy by the means of infrastructure development pertaining to residence, office space, factory space, etc. The Indian Realty sector is also responsible for the development of the new shopping formats growing up in India. The industry comprises of some of the best construction companies in India. The investments pertaining to both foreign and domestic companies cater the realty sector.

Realty Industry in India and growth of infrastructure

The Role of Realty Industry in India GDP is important for the growth of the infrastructure of the country. The realty sector in India is growing day by day. The development spree pertaining to the construction of commercial, retail and household property is underlining the growth of the Indian Economy.

Facts about Realty Industry in India GDP

  • The Role of Realty Industry in India GDP suggests that growth would be facilitated by encouraging demographics, increase in the purchasing power, development of custom made banks schemes, reforms formulated by the Government
  • There is a shortage of housing units in the residential sector in India, which amounts to 19.4 million units
  • The demand for commercial office space is growing day by day pertaining to the requirement of the BPO industry and IT industry
  • It is expected that the Information Technology would require 150 million square feet of area in the major Indian cities by the year 2010
  • The increase in the income and the access to organized retail formats such as super markets, hyper marts, etc has restructured the pattern of consumption
  • Many of the B-grade cities are experiencing the cropping up of organized retail market
  • Organized retail market is estimated to have a growth of 42% in 2008
  • The organized retail in India would do business of US$ 45 billion within the year 2010

Foreign Funding in Indian Realty Industry

  • Blackstone Group (US$ 1 billion)
  • Goldman Sachs (US$ 1 billion)
  • Citigroup Property Investors (US$ 125 million)
  • Morgan Stanley (US$ 70 million)
  • GE Commercial Finance Real Estate (US$ 63 million)

National Funding in Realty Industry in India

  • HDFC Property Fund
  • DHFL Venture Capital Fund
  • Kotak Mahindra Realty Fund
  • Kshitij Venture Capital Fund
  • ICICI Real Estate Fund

Home sweet home- Realty Industry in India

  • The Role of Realty Industry in India GDP pertaining to the construction of housing property is very important
  • The development of residential complexes has increased in past few years in the Indian cities
  • With the development of the BPO and IT sectors more and more companies are setting up centers in the several Indian cities
  • The scope of residential development in the Indian cities are huge
  • With the development of sprawling software parks emerging in the big cities, the requirements of high-end residential complexes are increasing