Role of Textile Industry in India GDP

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Role of Textile Industry in India GDP has been quite beneficial in the economic life of the country. The worldwide trade of textiles and clothing has boosted up the GDP of India to a great extent as this sector has brought in a huge amount of revenue in the country.

In the past one year, there has been a massive upsurge in the textile industry of India. The industry size has expanded from USD 37 billion in 2004-05 to USD 49 billion in 2006-07. During this era, the local market witnessed a growth of USD 7 billion, that is, from USD 23 billion to USD 30 billion. The export market increased from USD 14 billion to USD 19 billion in the same period.

The textile industry is one of the leading sectors in the Indian economy as it contributes nearly 14 percent to the total industrial production. The textile industry in India is claimed to be the biggest revenue earners in terms of foreign exchange among all other industrial sectors in India. This industry provides direct employment to around 35 million people, which has made it one of the most advantageous industrial sectors in the country.

Some of the important benefits offered by the Indian textile industry are as follows:
  • India covers 61 percent of the international textile market
  • India covers 22 percent of the global market
  • India is known to be the third largest manufacturer of cotton across the globe
  • India claims to be the second largest manufacturer as well as provider of cotton yarn and textiles in the world
  • India holds around 25 percent share in the cotton yarn industry across the globe
  • India contributes to around 12 percent of the world's production of cotton yarn and textiles
The Role of Textile Industry in India GDP had been undergoing a moderate increase till the year 2004 to 2005. But ever since, 2005-06, Indian textiles industry has been witnessing a robust growth and reached almost USD 17 billion during the same period from USD 14 billion in 2004-05. At present, Indian textile industry holds 3.5 to 4 percent share in the total textile production across the globe and 3 percent share in the export production of clothing. The growth in textile production is predicted to touch USD 19.62 billion during 2006-07. USA is known to be the largest purchaser of Indian textiles.

Following are the statistics calculated as per the contribution of the sectors in Textile industry in India GDP:
  • India holds 22 percent share in the textile market in Europe and 43 percent share in the apparel market of the country. USA holds 10 percent and 32.6 percent shares in Indian textiles and apparel.
  • Few other global countries apart from USA and Europe, where India has a marked presence include UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Japan
  • Ready made garments accounts for 45 percent share holding in the total textile exports and 8.2 percent in export production of India
  • Export production of carpets has witnessed a major growth of 42.23 percent, which apparently stands at USD 654.32 million during 2004-05 to USD 930.69 million in the year 2006-07. India holds 36 percent share in the global textile market as has been estimated during April-October 2007
  • The technical textiles market in India is assumed to touch USD 10.63 billion by 2007-08 from USD 5.09 billion during 2005-06, which is approximately double. It is also assumed to touch USD 19.76 billion by the year 2014-15
  • By 2010, India is expected to double its share in the international technical textile market
  • The entire sector of technical textiles is estimated to reach USD 29 billion during 2005-2010
The Role of Textile Industry in India GDP also includes a hike in the investment flow both in the domestic market and the export production of textiles. The investment range in the Indian textile industry has increased from USD 2.94 billion to USD 7.85 billion within three years, from 2004 to 2007. It has been assumed that by the year 2012, the investment ratio in textile industry is most likely to touch USD 38.14 billion.