Emerging Market India

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India ranks among the well known emerging markets in the global economic scenario. Since the economic liberalization policies were undertaken in the 1990s, emerging market India has really prospered which has helped to boost the Indian economy to a great extent.

Factors behind the favorable emerging market in India

In simple terms, emerging market is used to evaluate the socio economic scenario of the country in terms of the growth of the market and industrial development. According to the recent survey, there are around 28 emerging markets in the world out of which India ranks in the second place.

The main factors behind this booming emerging market are the economic liberalization and the perfect competition market, the high standard of living and per capita income, the development of medical facilities and infrastructure, the increase in foreign investments and so on. Over the few years, there has been a significant growth of the Indian market which has resulted in the high Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The average annual growth rate ranges between 6 to 7 %. The growth rate of GDP was around 6.7 % during the financial year 2008-09.

To boost the emerging market India, the government is also taking some positive steps. The main aim is to increase the growth rate to around 9 %. Due to the favorable emerging market, more and more industries are being set up and the customer base is also increasing. Currently, India is the 4th largest economic system in the world in terms of the purchasing power parity.

The recent economic development has also put a positive impact on the various sectors. There has been a significant development in the agricultural, service and industrial sector in the country. Today, to complement the rapid pace of economic growth, the service sector contributes around 54 % of the annual Gross Domestic Product.

Foreign investment and emerging market India

The increase in foreign investment has also cast a favorable effect on the emerging market in India. Due to the increase in demand, well known global companies are investing in the Indian market. The foreign institutional investments (FII) amount has reached around US$ 10 billion mark. In case of the Foreign direct investments (FDI, there has been a significant increase of around 85.1 % from US$ 25.1 billion to US$ 46.5 billion.

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