Project Report on Marketing

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Project report on marketing studies the attitude and contentment among the clients for a specific product. The basic objectives of a marketing project report are to investigate and evaluate the various aspects controlling the clients to buy a certain product, to access the aspects influencing the outlook and purchasing decisions of the clients and to identify the competence of the promotional campaigns for a certain product.

Standard format

Preparing an effective project report on marketing should be preferably done by following the below mentioned sequential format:
  • Profile of the firm on which the study is being conducted
  • Introduction to the research work
  • Objectives of the research work (both Primary and Secondary)
  • Scope of the research work
  • Limitations of the research work
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Design
    • Sample Size
    • Sampling Method
    • Primary Data
    • Secondary Data
    • Methods of data collation
    • Methods of data analysis
  • Fact sheets in graphical, pie chart or diagram firm to present the number of users using a particular brand and its detailed interpretation
  • Fact sheets in graphical, pie chart or diagram firm to present the factors influencing the purchasing inclination of the clients and its detailed interpretation
  • Fact sheets in graphical, pie chart or diagram firm to present the satisfaction level of the clients and its detailed interpretation
  • References
  • Conclusion

Designing an effective marketing project report

To design a competent project report for marketing following strategies are required:
  1. Calculated implementation of strategies:

    Every firm must consider their future plans and accordingly plan their strategies. Many small firms focus on monthly survival as they have limited access to long term management system. Hence, it is vital for the firm to perform a survey of the present market trends and formulate a tested and formatted approach.

    The approach towards an all inclusive report should be effectual and competent, and must involve a lot of investigation before the product is released in the market. The most significant advertising strategies are Media Planning and Product Positioning.
  2. Create a successful Trademark:

    Authoritative promotion starts with a dominant branding. The brand helps the firm in delineating its image, message and assessments to formulate an all-inclusive existing trademark document, besides relating the product with their clients. There are a number of firms that provide a comprehensive range of brand uniqueness facilities for traders at every level of their expansion. Hence, to create a powerful marketing project report a successful trademark should be developed.
  3. Initial impression of the product:

    The first impression of the product and services of the firm stays with the customer and adds value to the product. It creates distinguished promotional strategies and illustrates designs that differentiate the firm from its competitors. Hence, every firm should guarantee that its products are able to convey brand power-driven packaging.
  4. Simplify your message:

    Right from the entire brand attitude to the text of the data sheets, the promotion relies heavily on lucidity and uniformity of the message. This is one way through which the firm can interpret its brand personality in a written document.
  5. Brand Visibility:

    5. Endorsement strategies help in promoting a brand and there are various ways through which a firm can attract its target audience. Visibility plays a vital part in advertising a product in the contemporary market scenario. Hence, preparing a powerful project report for marketing requires meticulous investigation and execution of the strategies.
Last Updated on May 29, 2015