India Planning

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India planning is undertaken by the Planning Commission of India in order to improve the standard of living of the people belonging to the country. To improve the quality of life of the people, the resources of the country have to be utilized efficiently.

India planning has been done in various areas such as sports, education, labor, health, village industry, urban development, rural development, agriculture, industry, information technology, environment, real estate, infrastructure, and finance. The India Planning Commission has been set up in March, 1950 and it undertook to draw up 5 year plans for developing the Indian economy. In these plans the Planning Commission of India, emphasized particular spheres such as industry, employment, agriculture, education, and health. Till 2007, there have been 10 five year plans. All these plans have helped improve the quality of life of the people of India.

In order to improve sports in India, the Sports Authority of India has been set up by the Indian government. This body sees to it that the infrastructure required for sports is upgraded regularly and kept in good condition. It also formulates new projects and gets funding from the government in order to promote sports in the country. Under India planning, education forms the most important area for it determines the future growth of the country. The department of higher education oversees all levels of education in India and is subsidized by the government of India heavily

For rural planning, India planning has set up a Rural Planning and Credit Department which is under the Reserve bank of India. This department formulates polices which help in rural development. It also extends credit for employment programs and agricultural activities in rural areas. Under India planning, local bodies have been set up in all states in order to develop urban areas. These urban local bodies such as the municipal corporation and the Panchayat see to it that the services and basic infrastructure are well maintained.

India planning has helped improve the quality of life of the people. The Indian government must make efforts so that it continues to do. India Planning has facilitated the utilization of the resources of the country for the common good of the people and also to develop the country.

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