Asset Diversification in Mutual Funds

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A Short Note on Asset Diversification in Mutual Funds-

Asset Diversification in Mutual Funds implies, formation of an investment portfolio which will entail various kinds of investments within the major asset classes namely stocks, bonds, and cash.

A diversified portfolio can comprise of shares in various companies or a number of stock mutual funds, government and corporate bonds.A larger portfolio can be diversified by including investments from real estate asset class or other options.

At the time of diversification, the client is given the option to make his or her choice between various subclasses of investments within each asset class. The shares of large and small companies are both equity investments. But the shares of small and large companies differ in terms of increase rate in values and entails different levels of investment risks.

Two Important Reasons for Asset Diversification

  • To take the utmost and optimal advantage of various market conditions.
  • To protect from various crises that might come up at any point of time.

Asset Diversification and Risk

Asset diversification helps one protect his or her portfolio against the risks involved in investment matters. These are often recognized as risk-to-return profiles. Investment methods, if chosen in a group within subclasses or portfolio of investments, can reduce the risks in investment. The greater stability in the blue chips usually helps in the maintenance of the value of small scale company shares, even if that particular share does not witness a high income but the overall stock market is strong. The growth rate of the shares in a small company will balance the slower growth in the blue chips industry.

Ways of Asset Diversification

  • Balance the growth investments with those that generate income.
  • Make investments in both the large and small companies along with the well-established as well as the newly set up companies.
  • Invest in the unrelated industries or in various corporate and government concerns.
  • Invest in the mutual funds that undertake global investments.
  • Invest in the funds which have high chances of witnessing a hike in the recent future.
Last Updated on 06/26/2011

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