US Mutual Funds Investing in India

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The US Mutual Funds Investing in India has huge scope of development, as the semi urban and rural areas have not yet been penetrated by these companies. Many US Mutual Funds companies have been operating in successfully in India.

The US Mutual Funds Investing in India have been performing well in the past few years. These companies deal with mutual funds, which are resourcefully managed collective investments. US Mutual Funds Investing in India are known for their expertise in management of funds.

US Mutual Funds Investing in India - Overview

In the last ten years, India witnessed huge developments in the mutual fund industry. At the end of 1993 the total Mutual Fund Assets Under Management (MF AUM) was `18332 crores, which multiplied nearly 8 times by the end of the 2003 - 04 financial year, totaling to ` 137626 crores. With this growth rate, the mutual fund investments have become one of the most popular modes of investments. Many foreign players entered the Indian Mutual Fund Industry eying the opportunities. Among them the US Mutual Funds companies played an important role in the development of the sector.

US Mutual Funds Investing in India - Companies

  • Franklin Templeton India Mutual Fund: Franklin Templeton Investments is one of the largest financial services groups in the world. It is based in California, U.S. and it has a AUM (Assets Under Management) worth US$ 409.2 billion. The company offers Open end Diversified Equity schemes, Open end Tax Saving schemes, Open end Hybrid schemes, Open end Income and Liquid schemes and Open end Sector Equity schemes to name a few.

  • Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund India: Morgan Stanley is a global financial services company. The company is the leader in the securities market, investment management, and various credit services. Morgan Stanley Investment Management Private Limited (MSIM India) is a subsidiary of the mother company based in U.S. The company offers close end diversified equity schemes for the Indian retail investors.

  • Alliance Capital Mutual Fund: Alliance Capital Mutual Fund is a subsidiary of the Alliance Capital Management Corporation, Delaware (USA). This mutual fund company has set up its center in the city of Mumbai.

  • Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund: It is a joint venture between the Prudential Plc. U.S. and Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI). The Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund was established in the year 1993.

Last Updated 06/30/2011

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