Top 10 Cement Companies in India

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India, world's second largest cement producer after China, is the home to a number of top cement companies. As various infrastructure projects, road networks and housing projects are coming up, many of which are backed by the government, the cement industry in India is growing at a great pace these days. With the capacity of 151.2 Million Tones (MT), the Indian cement industry is truly big in size and hence accommodates a number of cement companies in the market. Not only that, more growth is further expected in the coming years, which will also lead to the growth of top cement companies in India. Let's have a look at the top 10 cement companies in India.

The Indian cement industry is largely dominated by a few companies. The top 20 cement companies account for almost 70% of the total cement production of the country. During April-September 2009, the Indian cement companies produced 11 MT cement, whereas the total cement product in the country in FY09 was 231 MT. It is further expected to reach 236.16 MT in FY11 and 262.61 MT in FY12.

List of Top 10 Cement Companies in India

Following are the list of top 10 cement companies in India:

  1. ACC Limited
  2. Ambuja Cements Limited
  3. UltraTech Cement Limited
  4. India Cement Limited
  5. Shree Cement Limited
  6. Rain Cement Limited
  7. Prism Cement Limited
  8. Madras Cement Limited
  9. Birla Cement Limited
  10. JK Cement Limited
Figures in ` Crores
ACC Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 79
Annual Turnover9339.64
Profit After Tax (2010-11)1013.47
MCRP CR21303.84
Ambuja Cements Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 93
Annual Turnover7998.55
Profit After Tax (2010-11)1165.19
MCRP CR23110.16
UltraTech Cement Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 52
Annual Turnover13980.75
Profit After Tax (2010-11)1367.35
MCRP CR30638.93
India Cements Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 194
Annual Turnover3667.16
Profit After Tax (2010-11)65.3
MCRP CR2300.05
Shree Cements Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 196
Annual Turnover3558.64
Profit After Tax (2010-11)209.7
MCRP CR6450.17
Rain Commodities Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 151
Annual Turnover4965.76
Profit After Tax (2010-11)502.44
MCRP CR990.41
Prism Cement Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 202
Annual Turnover3456.03
Profit After Tax (2010-11)104.95
MCRP CR2113.32
Madras Cements Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 247
Annual Turnover2644.71
Profit After Tax (2010-11)210.98
MCRP CR2360.02
Birla Corporation Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 288
Annual Turnover2264.35
Profit After Tax (2010-11)320.21
MCRP CR2472.99
JK Cement Ltd.ET 500 Rank – 306
Annual Turnover2119.33
Profit After Tax (2010-11)64.05
MCRP CR761.96

Last Updated on 12/21/2011