Boutiques in India

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Boutiques (French meaning: "shop") are the small shopping outlets, where customers drop in to buy fashionable items like clothing and jewelry. In most of the boutiques, fashionable items are intentionally produced in small quantity and are sold in high prices. Hence, like all other countries, boutiques in India are also suitable for those who do not mind spending a few bucks for the sake of fashion. These are also the favorite hunting grounds for the fashion-lovers.

As people are getting more fashion-conscious these days, the demands for boutiques in India are also growing high. A number of boutiques have come up in almost every city or town in the country. However, the metropolitan and other big cities are the places where one can find maximum number of boutiques.

Types of Boutiques in India

Boutiques in India sell fashionable and trendy items like garments, jewelries and accessories. However, majority of them sell trendy clothing, which have got maximum demands. Some boutiques in India sell products for all segments of people - for the women, for the men and for the children. However, some others may have specialties, as you often can find boutiques exclusively for the women, or for the men. There can be boutiques exclusively for the children as well.

Similarly, boutiques in India may have specializations in terms of products. For example, some boutiques can be specialized in ladies Kurtas, some may have specializations in Sarees. Similarly, some Indian boutiques may have exclusive stocks of suits.

There are also some boutiques in India which specializes in different types of trendy jewelries. One can also find boutiques which are specialized in selling accessories.

The Customers

The customers of boutiques in India are mostly from higher and upper-middle class families who starve for fashion. They are mainly the segment of people who have enough disposable income to spend on fashion and entertainment.

(Last Updated on 10th May 2010)