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About Government Vehicle Factory: Company Overview The Government Vehicle Factory in India is an organization which is dedicated to offer the highest quality products at affordable rates. The organization is based in Jabalpur, an important city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a division of the Ordnance Factory Board in India.

The Government Vehicle Factory in Jabalpur was set up in 1969. It is an out-and-out manufacturing division to fulfill the transportation requirements of the Indian Military.

The production facilities of the Government Vehicle Factory comprise high-tech SPMs and CNC machines for making fabricated products, transmission apparatus, body and chassis frame and so on over and above car assembly lines.

Other than the General Staff (GS) Vehicles, the Government Vehicle Factory also designs specialist functional vehicles that are listed below and these vehicles are being gradually introduced in the Indian Military Force:

  • Field Ambulance 4 Stretcher - AC version
  • Water Bowser 5 KL
  • Kitchen Container
  • Light Recovery Vehicle - LRV
In addition, the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur is manufacturing advanced technology bullet proof vehicles like the Mine Protected Vehicles and Light Armored Wheeled Vehicle.

Production Facilities of Government Vehicle Factory
The production facilities of the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur are as follows:-

  • Plant-I: It is used for the manufacturing of Stallion and LPTA products and assembling of Stallion Vehicles
  • Plant-II : It is used for the production of Transmission Aggregates
  • Plant-III: It is used for the assembling of Water Bowsers and LPTA
  • Plant-IV: It is used for vehicles testing, ultimate groundwork and supply to customers
  • Test Track: It is used for running/testing of vehicles under various ground conditions
The Vehicle Factory Jabalpur houses state-of-the-art gear making equipments like the following:

  • Gear Shaving Machines
  • Gear Hobbing Machines
  • Gear Grinding Machines
The main area of strength of the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur is the production of gears and transmission assemblies such as:
  • Auxiliary Gear Boxes
  • Main Gear Boxes
  • Rear Axles
  • Front Axles
The Vehicle Factory in Jabalpur has the ability to carry out manufacturing operations starting from fabrication and production of press equipments to make pressings of different forms and dimensions and their fusing. The factory houses presses with different capabilities, varying up to 1500 Tonnes.

The Government Vehicle Factory is an ISO 9001-2000 licensed industrial unit. The laboratories of the plant are accredited by the NABL.

In order to ensure quality control, the Vehicle Factory utilizes SQC and SPC procedures such as On-line Gauging. All the laboratories are fitted with state-of-the-art and advanced quality control equipments like 3 Co-ordinate gauging equipment and Lead and Profile Testing equipment above and beyond various other testing devices.

There is a state-of-the-art Heat Treatment Shop and Tool Room in the Vehicle Factory. It uses machines like Spectrograph and Seal Quench Furnace.

Clients and Investors
The principal customer of the factory is the Indian Army. The main financier or investor/sponsor of the organization is the Government of India.

Products and services of Government Vehicle Factory
The products and services of the Government Vehicle Factory are as follows:

  • 2.5 Ton LPTA 713/32 TC BS-II
  • 5/7.5 Ton Stallion Mk-III BS-II
  • Water Bowser 5 KL on Stallion
  • Water Bowser 2 KL on LPTA
  • Mine Protected Vehicles
  • Kitchen Container on Stallion
  • Bullet Proofing of Vehicles
Achievements and Recognitions
The factory has achieved the ISO 9001-2000 certification and it is also recognized by the National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories.

Office address and Official Website
The office address and official website of the Government Vehicle Factory are given below:

Senior General Manager
Vehicle Factory Jabalpur
PIN - 428009
Madhya Pradesh, India.

Tel: 0761-2330520
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 0761-2330436 & 0761-2330257
Web address:

Vehicle Factory Government

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