Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd

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Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of exporting processed food and agricultural products to various parts of the world. It is a reputed company and one of the main players in this trade in India.

Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd - At a glance

Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most important exporters and suppliers of frozen, processed meat. The company was set up in the year 1996. It is highly recognized for its hygienic processing and packaging techniques. The company has a wide spectrum of processed meat products to provide different consumers with different products.

Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd - Operations

The Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. gets the raw materials from the best sources. The company exports its products to various destinations such as Eastern European countries, CIS countries, Western African countries, Middle East, etc. The company markets its products under the premium brand name 'AMBER' and 'AL-NISAR'. The processing operations are performed under rigid quality measures keeping in mind the international quality standards. The work force at the Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. is highly experienced which adds to the advantages of the company.

Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. - Advantages

  • The quality of the meat is very high
  • The price of the products are competitive
  • The consignments are sent on time
  • The company provides quality services
  • The packaging is done hygienically and as per the requirements of the customer

Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd - Products

  • Lamb Meat :-
    • Fresh Meat
    • Frozen Lamb carcasses
    • Frozen bone-in Lamb cubes
    • Chilled Lamb carcasses
    • Chilled Lamb cuts
    • Frozen Saddle Ribs
    • Frozen Frenched Rack
    • Frozen Rib Steak
    • Frozen Boneless Chump
    • Frozen Leg Bone Chump
    • Frozen Boneless Shoulder
    • Frozen Loin Chump
  • Buffalo Meat :-
    • Frozen boneless Buffalo meat
    • Silverside
    • Striploin
    • Tenderloin
    • Thick Flank
    • Brisket Long
    • Chuck Tender
    • Topside
    • Neck
    • Rib Eye
    • Rumsteck
    • Shank
  • Frozen, Processed Meat :-
    • Big Quarter
    • Fore Quarter
    • Mutton
    • Mutton Cube
    • Blade
    • Muscles
    • Rump
    • Silverside
  • Processed Meat and Poultry :-
    • Strip Loin
    • Tender Loin
    • Thick Flank
    • Top Side
    • Veal Leg
    • Chucktender
    • Cube Roll
The Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd can be contacted at:-
Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd.
6071, Nawab Road, Basti Harphool Singh,
Sadar Bazar,
Delhi - 110006, India