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Subway - Overview

Subway is one of the most reputed fast food restaurant chains in the world. Subway is famous for its subs or submarine sandwich. These sandwiches are made out of a long roll of bread (6x3 in.) known as baguette, a French bread, also called as submarine roll in U.S. These subs come in a variety of fillings such as lettuce, cheese, tomato, meat, tuna, various condiments, sauces, and dressings. The first Subway restaurant in India was set up at the Saket area in New Delhi, in the year 2001. The company, at present, has 113 restaurant outlets in India.

Subway - India

The main objective of the company is to provide the best quality subs to its customers. In India, due to the cultural and religious preferences, Subway has made changes in its menu. The company has replaced beef and pork items with turkey, chicken, and lamb and still these subs are equally delicious. The lamb salami and lamb pepperoni subs are the most popular choices in India. The company has also set up separate preparation and ordering areas for the comfort of the vegetarian customers. The ingredients are acquired by Subway from the best sources. The breads are baked everyday at the Subway restaurant and the sandwiches are prepared in front of the customers.

Subway - Products

Hot Subs - Non-Veg:-
  • Chicken Meatball - 6 inch Sub
  • Turkey, Chicken melt - 6 inch Sub
  • Chicken Teriyaki - 6 inch Sub
International Favorites - Non-Veg:-
  • Tuna - 6 inch Sub
  • Italian B.M.T. - 6 inch Sub
  • Turkey Breast, Chicken, and Lamb Pepperoni - 6 inch Sub
Low Fat Subs - Non-Veg:-
  • Chicken - 6 inch Sub
  • Turkey and Chicken - 6 inch Sub
  • Roasted Chicken - 6 inch Sub
  • Turkey - 6 inch Sub
Vegetarian Subs:-
  • Veggie Delite - 6 inch Sub
  • Aloo Patty - 6 inch Sub
  • Paneer Tikka - 6 inch Sub
  • Veg Shammi - 6 inch Sub
Subway Meal:-
  • Choice of Subs (Veg or Non-Veg) with Chips or Cookie and 450 ml drink