GDP India vs. GDP China

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The growth rate in GDP India vs. GDP China has increased outstandingly in the recent period due to several factors leading to an economic upsurge in both the countries. China and India jointly account for 2.4 billion people, which is roughly 40 percent of the total population of the world. It has been assumed that China is likely to excel Japan in terms of population by the year 2016. By the end of the year 2045, China is expected to surpass United States in the population strength also. According to a survey report on the growth rate of China and India GDP, it has been stated that the institutional investors have made a notable contribution in the country's economy, which led to the hike in the GDP of both the countries.

India GDP and China GDP are likely to grow in their own ways. To be precise, in 25 years from the current period it has been assumed that China will have a more superior economy as it already leads the total output in the world. On the other hand, soon in the coming years India will have superior investor returns than China. This is because of the augmented institutional development in India which is higher and more efficient than that of China. Considering the expected conflicts in China's economic and political systems, it can be inferred that a wide diversification of the investors is an essential factor that is required for a sustainable growth in the country's GDP.

It has been reported by a survey done on GDP India vs. GDP China that India's GDP (PPP) is four trillion whereas China's GDP (PPP) is ten trillion. As per the post-war history of economics, China's economy has undergone a drastic change with seven percent increase in its GDP. The growth in GDP of China has resulted from the rapid rise in the manufacturing of high-tech goods in the country under the large-scale high-tech manufacturing firms like Lenovo, and Huawei Technologies. The infrastructural development in China has also been quite higher than that of India, which has added to the growth of China GDP. In general, China spends much more in its infrastructural facilities than India.

Former World Bank Chief James Wolfensohn declared in one of his speeches that soon GDP India and GDP China will witness an overwhelming growth that will transcend the G7 countries, that includes United States of America, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and United Kingdom. It is assumed that by the year 2050, both India GDP and China GDP will witness a gargantuan growth. The current GDP of China is USD two trillion which is predicted to reach USD 48.6 trillion by 2050. On the other hand, India's current GDP is USD one trillion, which will become USD 27 trillion by that time.