Role of World Bank in India GDP

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Role of World Bank in India GDP is one of the most important parameters to mark the growth in Indian economy. The World Bank has been aiding the country with every possible incentive. The activities of the World Bank are like:

  • The World Bank works in collaboration with a number of development associates such as the government of India, the bilateral and multilateral donor organizations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sectors to bring about an overall welfare of the Indian economy
  • The World Bank operates with the help of eminent academics, scientists, economists, journalists, and teachers, all of those who are sincerely involved in the execution of various development projects designed to bring about improvement in the Gross Domestic Product of India
  • The World Bank not only implements its own developmental schemes but also finances various other programs
  • One of the most effective and well-organized development plans formulated by the World Bank in collaboration with the Indian government and civil society is the Country Assistance Strategy (CAS), introduced in the year 2005
  • CAS was incorporated in order to explicit the nature of the assistance provided by the World Bank to the developmental programmes in India
  • Role of World Bank in India GDP includes offering finance in terms of various loans or credits, which are usually interest-free.

Country Assistance Strategy

This plan has been successfully carried out for the past four years and is still in the process. The CAS plan of the World Bank focus upon certain facts like-
  • Ensuring a notable infrastructural development
  • Proper environment for the betterment of the industrial units
  • Providing special benefits to the poor and disadvantaged class of people
  • Ensuring a sustainable growth in India's economy

Research Study of the World Bank

There are certain research studies conducted under the World Bank, which gives us a clear idea of the Role of World Bank in India GDP. Some of these studies are:
  • The World Bank presents study on the review of various policies designed for the economy of India by the Country Economic Memoranda
  • The public expenditure review, that is, the financial disbursement made by the development programmes in India is also reported by the research department of the World Bank
  • The World Bank is concerned about the environmental issues faced by the industrial units and other developing sectors in India and presents a study on that
  • The research study of the World Bank also depicts a report of various events organized by the government, media, and civil society organizations on the developmental issues of India