Mortgage Broker

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In the past few years, growth in the mortgage finance market is witnessed due to the increasing demand for loans against the conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan. This growth has increased the number of mortgage brokers on account of the high lucrative opportunities.

Functions of Mortgage Broker:

The function of a mortgage broker varies widely with the regulations of the different countries, like in the United kingdom the mortgage broker is required to guide the mortgagor to acquire the mortgage of the company that is offering the appropriate rate of interest which the mortgagor will be able to pay regularly. The mortgage broker is also required to assess the suitability of the specific mortgage scheme to fulfill the purpose for which the mortgage loan is taken. In most other countries the mortgage broker is required to suggest only the name of the mortgage lender, who has proved his competency in catering to the requirements of similar mortgage loans.

Services Offered by Mortgage Brokers:

The mortgage broker are engaged in offering a number of services that are integral to the complete mortgage procurement procedure. The mortgage broker initially applies for the pre-approval of the mortgagee, the pre-approval is nothing but the lender agreement. He assists the mortgagor in filling the application form of the concerned mortgage lender and serves to inform the borrower regarding the required documents for the loan to be sanctioned. The mortgage broker then collects those documents and tries to examine the capability of the mortgagor to repay the loan with the aid of the bank statements, pay stubs and other income proofs. However, the most important service offered by the mortgage broker is providing information to the mortgagor about all the legalities involved in the specific mortgage loan scheme and the mortgage broker also serves to submit the application form and the other document to the mortgagee on behalf of the mortgagor.

Popularity of Mortgage Brokers:

The mortgage borrowers have been recently allowed to work in the wholesale capital markets on account of their increasing importance in the mortgage section. The mortgage brokers have achieved an edge the other financial institutions as the operating cost of running a small establishment of a single broker is much less than the operating costs of running a huge financial institution. Therefore, a mortgage broker is in a position to offer lower rates for the accomplishment of the mortgage procedure for the mortgagor, than the huge financial institutions.

Method of Work of Mortgage Broker:

Usually the huge financial institutions employ personal mortgage brokers for their institutions, and such mortgage brokers are required to hand over loan approval of the financial institution to the respective mortgagor. The mortgage broker then searches through the list of a number of mortgage bankers and allocates the most preferable mortgage banker with the duty of providing the loan to the mortgage applicant. The mortgage broker before allocation has to examine the mortgage loan rates of different mortgage lenders and takes into account the approximate time required by each of them to provide the loan.

Last Updated on 5/26/2011