Assam Economy

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Assam Economy is primarily based on agriculture, with more than 50% of the total population engaged in agrarian activities.

The industrial sector of the Assam Economy is known for the exquisite varieties of silk production. Other types of industries of the Assam Economy are food products, timber products, chemical products, non-metallic mineral products, tea, and oil. One of the oldest Indian Oil centers is at Digboy, Assam.

Forests :
Forests form an important part of the Assam Economy, with the forest products like timber and bamboo earning great revenue for the state. A large variety of citrus fruits are grown for the markets as well. However, the main commercial product of the Assam Economy are the tea plantation which offer employment to over a million people. Guwahati is the biggest center of auction of CTC Tea in the world.

Mining :
Mainly four industrial minerals - coal, oil and gas, limestone, and sillimanite, are significant in the mining sector of the Assam Economy. Petroleum mining is also an outstanding feature of the economy of Assam. It is regulated by Oil India Limited and the Assam Oil Company. Along with these major minerals, other minerals like gravel, sand, building stone, and ballast are also produced. Assam Economy gets good rewards from the economic minerals found in different parts of the state like the clay, iron ore, copper, feldspar, gold, and gypsum