Punjab Economy

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Punjab Economy is mainly agro-based , with the other revenue earning units being those of scientific instruments, garments, electrical goods, machine tools, textiles, tourism, sewing machines, hosiery, sports goods, starch, fertilizers, bicycles, pine oil, and sugar processing. In India, Punjab has the lowest poverty rate and the infrastructure is the best in the country.

Agriculture :

The largest industry in the Punjab economy is the agriculture and barley, wheat, paddy, maize, and sugarcane are the principal crops. Fodder crops like the Bajra, Jowar, and green fodder are popular for feeding cattle. The agriculture is depended on canal and tube-well irrigation. There are two systems of cultivation in the agro-based Punjab economy, viz., Dofasli Harsala and Ekfasli Harsala.


Punjab economy is known for small-sized industrial units. Due to the absence of basic minerals, the industrial sector is not very well developed. The industries are of three types:
  • Agro-based industrial units
  • Machinery units
  • Chemical units

Some notable industries within the Punjab Economy are cotton textiles, sugar, dairy products, vanaspati ghee, woolen textiles, hosiery, sports goods, engineering, bicycles, sewing machines, agricultural implements, machine tools, tractors, and combines.

Towns :

Some of the towns in Punjab like Batala, Ludhiana, Phillaur, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Goraya, and Amristar. have been instrumental in boosting the Punjab Economy.

Power projects :

The development of the hydro-electric power systems aids the industries, transportation, agricultural operations, and domestic purposes in Punjab economy. The common hydro-electric power projects are the Bhakra Nangal Complex, the Dehar Power plant, and the Pong Power plant.

Other power projects of the Punjab Economy are:

1. Mukerian Hydel Project
2. Anandpur Sahib Hydel Project
3. The Upper Bari Doab Canal System