Kerala Economy

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Kerala has witnessed tremendous development especially from the economic point of view. Although Kerala economy is primarily based on agriculture, the strong historical significance and natural attributes of the state have resulted in the presence of several industries in Kerala.

Located in the south-western tip of India, Kerala has the following to its credit:
  • The highest literacy rate in India.
  • Tourism has grown to be a front line industry government backing and private management.
  • An efficient public transport system.
  • Information Technology is becoming a key area of economic excellence
Role of agriculture in Kerala economy

The following are the features of the predominantly agrarian economy of Kerala:
  • Kerala is a major producer of cash crops like coconuts, rubber, tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, cashew, areca nut, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

  • Coconuts bring the people their principal source of earning in agriculture. Nearly 70% of Indian output of coconuts is provided by Kerala. .

  • Cardamom is one of the major exports of India and the bulk of Cardamom comes from Kerala.

Role of industry in Kerala economy

Industries of Kerala economy are hugely based on agriculture and marine products. Some traditional industries are:
  • Coir and coir products
  • Marine products
  • Handloom and handicrafts related to ivory, wood, bone carving, hand embroidery, cane works, coconut shell carving, and paddy straw picture making.
  • Village industries manufacture Khadi, fiber, pottery, lime, paper, matches, gobar gas, cane, and bamboo.
The economy of Kerala, though small and agro-based, has a lot to look forward in future with the upcoming of IT and allied industries that are willing to exploit the yet-to-be tapped resources.