Thematic Mapping Services

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Thematic Mapping Services is an unique way of representation of data for the specific use of comparison among different data.

The Geographic Information Services in India is a provision of the information about the various geographical resources and elements. It is high-tech with the aid of computers and it maps and analyses the various events events taking place on the earth. The GIS works with the desegregated database operations like statistical and analysis interrogation with extraordinary visual imaging and geographical analysis covered by maps.

A thematic mapping is a exhibition of the spatial pattern of a certain theme or of series of dimensions. Unlike the reference maps which usually demonstrate a number of geographic features such as roads, political boundaries, forests the thematic maps stresses on variations in space of a single or a group of geographic dispersions.

Thematic Mapping Services serves three major purposes:-
  • The facilitate the provision of specific information pertaining to particular locations
  • The facilitate the provision of general information about patterns of different space
  • The Thematic Mapping Services can be used as a tool of comparison of the patterns on a number of maps
Different types of thematic mapping may be created. The themes may be alloted with significant shades of colors and there can be the usage of legend control to see the legend bearing the names, numbers, etc abreast the themes that are created. Different types of Themes that can be created are as follows:
  • Ranges: On the basis of number of ranges defined the theme is dissected accordingly. The colors to be used with every range unit can specified by the user

  • Pie Charts : With specifications on the type of charts to Pie charts the theme generator makes a pie which consists of specific fields constituting an unit of the pie. This sort of themes are mostly used for the comparison of values and observations, and the share of the particular field in the whole group

  • Individual : This theme creates an individual value which is provided as a unique color. This usually done to find small values among large set of data

  • Graduated : The themes are created out of one symbol which is selected by the user. This particular symbol is represented in different sizes to correspond with the value

  • Dot Density : This theme is a collection of dots which is the representative of a value and the number of dots given establishes the value represented.

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