Chemfert Traders

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Chemfert Traders is a company which belongs to the fertilizer sector of India. It is located in Mumbai and forms an important part of the private sector fertilizer industry in India.

The Chemfert Traders factory is situated in Tal-Wada, Maharashtra. Fertilizers are very important for the agricultural sector for they contain certain chemical elements that help in the growth of plants. Chemfert Traders has had an important role to play in boosting the Indian agricultural sector output. The government of India made certain polices with regard to the fertilizer industry, which helped Chemfert traders to expand its operations.

A green revolution took place in India in the 1960s and this increased the use of fertilizers in the country. This also gave a boost to Chemfert Traders which had to step up its production capacity in order to keep pace with the rising demand in the market. All the plants in the company have been modernized with the use of the latest equipment such as high pressure vessels, distributed control system, hydrolyser, heat exchangers, and rotating and static equipment.

The use of these modern equipments has increased the production capacity of Chemfert Traders and has also improved the quality of its products. With the quality of the fertilizers improving, the sales have also increased, resulting in more profits for Chemfert Traders. The modernization has helped make the plants more environment-friendly and reduce the energy consumption per ton of produce.

The various fertilizers produced by Chemfert traders are:
  • NPK granulated fertilizer
  • Micro nutrients magnesium sulphate
  • Biotic soil stabilizer
  • Ammonia
  • Urea