JV Financial Online

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JV Financial Online: For high net worth clients / traders / or franchisee partners JV Financial Online offers state of the art online trading. Connect to their offices via the internet and trade using the same screen that the broker sees.

JV Financial Online uses Financial Technologies ODIN software. A free demo of the software can be downloaded from their website. Their trading platform offers a far superior trading experience than ordinary web based platforms. The speed is the same anywhere in the world so long as customers have a reasonably good internet connection.

Brokerages are competitive and trading limits are given against cleared funds and / or shares lying in their depository account.

For retail investors who are looking for internet trading which is superior to normal web based trading the platform JV Financial Online offers is the same powerful trading platform that brokers use. The only difference is that the software can execute orders for the one registered user only. All functions and speed are the same as the multi user software. Clients can trade in the cash and futures markets simultaneously from the same screen subject to margins being available. The software allows clients to place, modify, cancel orders etc and the software is approved by the National Stock Exchange of India.

Clients would have to complete the standard client agreement forms and activate their accounts with some margin in the form of cleared funds/shares lying with them. A login name and password would be given to the clients to enable their trading. Their charges for the service would be competitive and active clients would get access to their newsletter. All back office reports are available to clients at the end of the trading day along with copy of contract notes.

The minimum margin requirement for the cash segment is Rs.10,000 and Rs.50,000 for the futures and options segment. Online payments at par banking can be made and received for clients who bank with HDFC , ICICI, INDUSIND or UTIBANK.

Last Updated on 7th July 2011