Quote.com Online Trading

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Quote.com Online Trading is a highly updated online trading destination. QuoteTrader informs its customers about the latest market conditions on futures and Foreign Exchange (Forex). Quote.com Online Trading uses data provided by broker and delivers assistance free of charge.

Quote.com Online Trading entitles the user to the following:
  • Trading with a single click
  • Accessing FREE charts for stocks, futures, and Forex
  • Usage of indicators and drawing tools
  • Estimate liquidity instantly with Depth of Market (DOM) display
  • Monitor symbols and P&L in a Quote window and Account Manager
  • Easy configuration of orders with preset profit and protection targets
Quote.com Online Trading has the following factors working in its favor:
  • No datafeed charges or additional exchange fees
  • Cutting edge order management
  • No additional exchange fees
  • Innovative front-end
  • Support for well-known brokers and trading service providers
  • FREE charts with most compatible services
  • An application designed by eSignal
QuoteTrader takes each of the above essential actions one step further with the following tools:

Virtual 3D Depth of Market (DOM) Display

QuoteTrader starts with a consistent, linear, centered inside market display, with prices arrayed from the best bid down and the best ask up and updating in real time. Virtual 3D DOM Display also hangs on that visual of market conditions an image of the size at each price level (a picture of where demand for and supply of contracts exists).

Virtual 3D High / Low Price Range

This not only shows the high and low prices (the trading extremes), but also delves deep into the supply of, or demand for contracts.

Virtual 3D Volume Histogram

It enables clients to not only visualize how much activity happened at the price extremes, but how meaningful it actually is simultaneously with current activity. It highlights the magnitude of the liquidity pool.

Thus, Quote.com Online Trading has quite justifiably attained the popularity that it actually has.

Last Updated on 7th July 2011