Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading

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This site provides detail information on Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading. The site also covers the finer details of trading with Mansukh Securiteis online platform.

Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading offers its customers with variety of product and services. Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading facilitates its customers to trade from home or any other place either over Internet or telephone. The Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading offers services to its customers, like -
  • Equity trading,
  • Derivative trading,
  • Commodity trading,
  • Depository Services,
  • Research and advisory,
  • Back office.
Further, Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading offers its customer with the flexibility to get an overview of complete range of corporate information, news and research tools which, helps to take timely investment decisions. Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading are offered in National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and other regional exchanges. Stock trading is done through stock brokers, personally or through telephones. Information technology or Online trading became extremely popular amongst stock brokers in solving the problem of market access, real time trading and settlement & payment difficulties. Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading is an internet based virtual trading facility. Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading or Internet trading is a browser based Online trading system. Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading offers two types of browser based Online trading system, like -

Features of Fast Money -

  • Single screen interface for cash and derivatives.
  • Online Streaming quotes during operation of market.
  • Instant order placement and trade confirmation by e-mail.
  • Integrated banking and demat accounts.
  • Real time portfolio tracking and prices alerts.
  • Screen with multiple market watch list.
  • One can trade in any exchange.

Features of All Money -

  • User friendly software and free access.
  • Multiple profiles can be configured.
  • Single screen for commodity and capital markets.
  • Integrated banking and back-office access.
  • Odin Connect.

Advantages of Mansukh Securiteis Online Trading are

  • Real time and secured transactions.
  • Access to real time market watch, historical datas, graphs etc.
  • Stock movement information through email or sms.
  • Provide online tools like market watch, graphs and recommendations to facilitate stock analysis.
  • Placement of off-line orders.
  • Customer service through Email or Chat.

Last Updated on 7th July 2011